Chapter 142: Sister-in-law

Mu Mingcheng said, “Since Grandpa’s condition is stable, mom and dad, you two should go back and take a rest. There’s no shortage of people here to care for Grandpa.”

Once Mu Mingcheng’s parents exited towards the VIP lounge, Gu Jin gave a sigh of relief.

It would be a lie to say that she wasn’t nervous at all when she first met Mu Mingcheng’s parents. One reason in particular was because of that scandal of Gu Ling and Xu Chenghui from these past two days.

Even if Gu Ling had no blood relation with her, she was still her cousin in name. Xu Chenghui himself is a politician. He must marry a woman whose family background and ability could help him in his political career, meaning his wife not only will be a partner by name; such a partner must come from a family sharing a similar status as him. In any case, it was absolutely impossible for someone like Gu Ling to take up that role, considering that she had no family background, neither was she able to enter into a university.

So, one could imagine what sort of identity Gu Ling had when she stayed with Xu Chenghui.

It’s impossible to write the character ‘Gu’ (顾) in one stroke. It’s embarrassing enough that her cousin, even if in name only, became lovers with Xu Chenghui, who was Mu Mingcheng’s cousin.

Even if everyone knew that their relationship was not a good one, it would not stop people from making irresponsible remarks.

Although Mu Jingzhou and Xu Jie pay little attention to reputation, it’s inevitable that Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng would encounter obstacles to establish their relationship.

Fortunately, they all had a good attitude towards Gu Jin even if she didn’t know whether it was because they didn’t care, or that they haven’t heard the news. Nevertheless, she felt very flattered for their kindness.


However, there was still a hard battle to fight; Gu Jin stood straight like a soldier who was about to go to the battlefield.

After knocking on the ward door, Mu Mingcheng noticed her condition and kneaded her waist. His voice when speaking to her was calm and reassuring. “They won’t eat you up with me around.”

Gu Jin glanced at him and pulled his hands off her waist. Doesn’t he know where they are right now? And still he didn’t understand where he should exercise restraint.


The door opened, and a delicate and pretty face appeared.

“Cousin, here you are.” Xu Jiaoyun’s listless eyes lit up when she saw Mu Mingcheng. She turned to look at Gu Jin, who was close to her, smiled cleverly and said, “This must be my future sister-in-law, she’s truly beautiful.”

“Hello, you can just call me Gu Jin.” Gu Jin smiled gently. “You are cousin Jiaoyun. I heard about you before.”

“Really? Did my cousin mention me?” Xu Jiaoyun’s eyes shone brighter and the corners of her eyes revealed smiling lines.

From the start of summer vacation, Xu Jiaoyun stayed home for a few days because she was too lazy to go out and play. But before she could really start enjoying herself, who would’ve thought? An astonishing piece of news appeared over the internet. Her old man, Grandpa Xu, was so furious that he ended up faiting, leaving the family in a state of panic. Grandma was old and in poor health, unable to tend to her husband. Since many of their elders and brothers were busy trying to rectify the matter, Xi Jiaoyun volunteered to take care of her elder.

She volunteered to care for him, but what can she do as a pampered young lady? The Xu family already arranged for a nurse to tend to him, so she’s simply there to share conversations with her elder..

“You could say what you want later,” Mu Mingcheng looked across Xu Jiaoyun and into the ward, asking. “Where’s Grandpa?”

“Grandpa has just fallen asleep.” As soon as Xu Jiaoyun’s voice fell, a cough rang in the ward. “I’m not sleeping. Let Mingcheng and Miss Gu come in and see me.”

Miss Gu?


Gu Jin lowered her eyelids and stared at Mu Mingcheng’s hand, which was fastened on her shoulder. The arch of her lips widened.

When the old man spoke, Xu Jiaoyun dared not turned a deaf ear. She let go, smiled at Gu Jin and said, “Don’t worry sister-in-law, Grandpa loves cousin the most. He won’t hurt you and will learn to love you in the future.”

Gu Jin smiled at her to show her gratitude.

The young lady of Xu’s family had a kind and naive attitude towards Mu Mingcheng, but how many children in a prominent family as this are truly innocent and naive? Just that sentence alone was to remind Gu Jin that Master Xu can’t control Mu Mingcheng and it’s also tantamount to giving her heart some moral support.
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