Chapter 143: Truth

In any case, since the other side showed good will, Gu Jin accepted her kindness.

The nurse lifted Master Xu up against the mat and quietly retreated. There were only four of them left in the room.

Xu Jiaoyun took the flowers in Gu Jin’s hand and placed them on the table. The flowers accompanied with the fruits on the plate, gave people a sense of vitality.

“Grandfather.” “Hello Grandpa Xu.”

Hearing those voices, Xu Baishan slowly opened his eyes and looked at the pair of people standing at the head of the bed.

His eyes paused on Mu Mingcheng, and finally fell on Gu Jin, squinting his deep and gloomy eyes a little.

This elder was someone who has truly experienced a hail of bullets on the battlefield. Despite his old age, the aura in his body was still powerful and his gaze was filled with pressure.

Gu Jin withstood his pressure, stood quietly and allowed him to look at her as much as he wanted. She maintained her gentle smile from the start.

“I heard that Miss Gu is only twenty years old, seven years younger than my family Mingcheng,” Xu Baishan pondered a little before he suddenly show an amiable smile. “It’s a perfect match. When I was young, I didn’t care. When I was old, I rushed to the hospital. I didn’t know if I had a chance to drink granddaughter-in-law’s tea.”

“Xiao Jin is only a junior this year. At least she can’t get married until after graduation.” Mu Mingcheng said, holding Gu Jin affectionately with a smile in his eyes. “It’s up to her when Grandpa can drink her tea after graduation.”

“This old man has the audacity to beg Miss Gu for mercy. I hope you can satisfy our ancestors and give us grandchildren as soon as possible.” Xu Baishan said with a smile, “Since you are about to get engaged, can Miss Gu follow Mingcheng and call me Grandpa as soon as possible?”

With expectant look from Master Xu and Mu Mingcheng’s playful smile, Gu Jin bashfully exclaimed, “Grandpa.”

Master Xu’s face lit up with happiness.


He praised Gu Jin again and remind Mu Mingcheng to treat her well. He also said that the girls who came from a literary family were different than others. They were beautiful and gentle. He should let Xu Jiaoyun learn from her well, don’t run around like a kid all day.

Naturally, Xu Jiaoyun pretended to be discontented and coquettishly refute.

The atmosphere inside the ward is very good, but the better the atmosphere, the more Gu Jin dare not let down her guard.

Sure enough, a few words later, Master Xu waved Xu Jiaoyun away and said, “Jiaoyun, take your biǎo sǎo out for a walk. How bored must the two of you, young girls, felt accompanying this old man in the ward? Let your cousin serve me alone.”

Gu Jin looked at Mu Mingcheng and saw him nod slightly before she went to the hospital garden with Xu Jiaoyun.

“Sister Gu Jin, do you know?” Xu Jiaoyun walked backwards while looking at Gu Jin and complained with a pouting mouth, “From an early age, Grandpa’s favorite grandchild has always been cousin while the rest of us has to line up behind him.”

Gu Jin helped her look at the road ahead, smiled and listened to the other’s complaints with tolerance.

She refrained from commenting.



“Mingcheng, what do you think of Chenghui’s matter?” Xu Baishan asked once Gu Jin and Xu Jiaoyun went out.

“Big cousin was caught by the reporters and police on the spot. There were even photo evidences taken,” Mu Mingcheng sat on the chair beside the hospital bed. “So, the news is true.”

“Who asked you this,” Xu Baishan glared at him. “Don’t feign ignorance before me.”

“Grandpa asked, so I will tell the truth,” Mu Mingcheng poured a glass of water to Master Xu and handed it to him. “As an official in the government, eldest cousin is neither fair nor just. He might not fare well in the next competition for the official seats.”

Xu Baishan nodded, feeling more than a little suspense. Which official in the whole Z country is as famous as him?

He brought a woman into the car and got caught.

The entire Xu family’s face was lost by him.

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