Chapter 144: Disapproval

“I heard from some people that the woman with him is your wife-to-be’s cousin?” Xu Baishan pondered for a moment. “How were they related to each other?”

“She’s just an orphan adopted by the old lady from Gu family. It has nothing to do with Little Jin.” Mu Mingcheng emphasized, “With regards to how they got embroiled into the controversy together, I guess eldest cousin himself knows best.”

“You tell me the truth,” Xu Baishan did not receive the water offered to him. With a stern look, he asked, “Were you involved in this matter?” His people found that Mu Mingcheng and Gu Jin were also at the mall that day. Xu Baishan would never believe it if he said that it was only a coincidence.

“Does Grandpa doubt me?” Mu Mingcheng kept his hands still and slowly opened his mouth to answer Master Xu’s inquisitive eyes. “If I were to say, yes there is indeed my involvement?”

“You…” Xu Baishan opened his eyes wide and straightened his body. He grabbed Mu Mingcheng’s cup and threw it on him, scolding him. “Scoundrel!”

The water splashed all over Mu Mingcheng’s face and clothes. The cup fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Xu Baishan’s gloomy eyes flared up and he stared at Mu Mingcheng severely. Finally he was furious enough that he turned away from his face.

“Grandpa’s scolding are well justified, and I accept them,” Mu Mingcheng’s remained expressionless. “I am a scoundrel, but what about Xu Chenghui? He didn’t even took into account of our relation when he attacked me.”

“The Xu family has so many eyes and ears that there is nothing they can’t find out if they want to investigate. You must know who ordered my assasination in Y country. Otherwise, why would I do that to the Jing family? I’m sure I can’t hide it from you.” Seeing that Master Xu’s eyes gradually changed from anger to shock and then to grief, Mu Mingcheng continued playfully, “But my grandfather, who claim to love me the most, you said nothing in silence.”

“Just like four years ago, when I was on a mission and almost died because of his ‘mistake’.”


“But Grandpa, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Your intention to use me as a sharpening stone to hone your grandchildren with the surname Xu failed miserably. Instead, their already dull brains have completely shut down. If you don’t believe me, just look at Xu Chenghui,” Mu Mingcheng couldn’t help but laugh. “He thinks that if he takes Gu Jin’s cousin as a lover, he can disgust me and become more noble and capable than I am. He didn’t even looked at what that woman was. Does she even deserve to be compared to my Gu Jin?”

“You try to gain an advantage, only to end up worse off. Those who bear the Xu family surname, whom you consider as your own descendants, they indeed made you proud.” Mu Mingcheng’s eyes were smiling coldly, while being as respectful as ever.

“Good, good, good,” Xu Baishan said three ‘good’ in a row, and the newly calm blood rushed up again. He took a few deep breaths, and Mu Mingcheng straightened his back.

A few minutes later, after countless storm, the veteran sat upright on their beds. “You knew it all along. No wonder you retired suddenly. Wouldn’t you be unreconciled? Having spent so many years in the army, accumulating many meritorious deeds, but having to abandon all of it?”

“No,” Mu Mingcheng said lightly. “I went to the army because of Grandpa. After that you didn’t want me to grow up in the army, so it’s okay for me to retire.” Besides, whether he went to business or politics, it would not prevent him from getting what he wanted. Furthermore, some things are more convenient to do after retirement.

Xu Baishan was surprised at first. But after recalling something, he laughed in relief. Shaking his head regrettably, he said, “Unfortunately, your surname is not Xu, whereas those who bear Xu’s surname are not capable.”

As he said that, he suddenly blinked, voice puzzled. “You have been pretending for so many years, but suddenly fall out with me, is it because of that girl surnamed Gu?”

“No.” Mu Mingcheng gently bent the corners of his lips.

“Then I object you to you two being a couple,” Xu Baishan laughed. “The woman’s cousin is a lover to the man’s cousin. It can be seen that their upbringing is not good and disgraceful!”
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