Chapter 145: The Pas

There are some things you can’t control even if you want to.

He turned around.

Outside, Mu Jingzhou, Xu Jie, Gu Jin, and Xu Jiaoyun stood together.

Mu Jingzhou’s expression stayed the same. The eyes of Xu Jie and Xu Jiaoyun were filled with shock and heartaches. Only Gu Jin smiled at him with encouragement and approval.

Mu Mingcheng’s initiative seems to yield some interest once again.

“Mingcheng, why didn’t you tell your mother?” After being shocked, anger rose in Xu Jie’s heart. “They dared to bully my son, do they really treat me as nonexistent in this family?”

Several people present blinked. Wasn’t it your father who lead others in bullying him?

Mu Jingzhou patted his wife on the shoulder and said to Mu Mingcheng, “You should take LIttle Jin back first. Leave the rest to us here.”

Xu Jie was no vegetarian who is easily kicked aside. She was really shocked when she first heard this secret. But once she got over it, she went straight to Master Xu’s ward and created a ruckus for him. After a while, Master Xu was eager to leave the hospital and hide at home everyday.

However, there is still Madam Xu at home. His wife and his only daughter, who have been working together for decades, pointed fingers at him every day and left him with no room to escape.



“Mr. Mu, where are you bringing me to?” Gu Jin folded her arms, while instructing Mu Mingcheng to move to the backseat. Raising her eyebrows, she continued: “I did not agree to follow you and stay at the villa with you.”

“Your future husband just ripped open a scabbed wound today. Now he is very uncomfortable and needs his future wife to accompany him.” Mu Mingcheng’s eyes were tinged with a smile. “Is that alright?”

“Of course…” Gu Jin laughed at him, her peach blossom eyes shone with autumn waves, and continued. “No.” The man who has been a vegetarian for a long time now has terrible appetite. Her waist still hurts from last night.

The hard labour from yesterday has allowed a lady to blossom into her most illustrious colours. Just by looking at her, Mu Mingcheng’s sense of achievement in his heart raised endlessly.

“Really?” Mu Mingcheng smiled with lidded eyes and asked. “Why weren’t you surprised when you stood outside the door and heard what I said to my grandfather?”

“Also, why do you know that the man behind the killer is Xu Chenghui?”


He wanted to say why she knew about his picky eating problem when they first met, but Gu Jin has already covered his mouth.


“I was just joking earlier.” Gu Jin pecked him gently on the lips and looked meaningfully, “be obedient, I will ‘console’ you properly tonight.”

Mu Mingcheng pursed his lips and smiled, the questions he had will be solved one day. Now, the most important thing is to enjoy the benefits.

“It’s still early,” Gu Jin glanced at the time and asked, “Are you free now?”

“It’s alright,” Mu Mingcheng said as he held her waist, “Anyway, I’ve already skipped work today, so I might as well accompany you.”

“Then you don’t need to accompany me,” Gu Jin smiled. “You’d better go to work.”

“Are you going with me?”

“Um…alright then.”

The car turned to Mu Villa’s walkway. Gu Jin inadvertently glanced out of the window at the bridge archway.


Under the archway, a woman with disorderly hair flashed by. She looked a little familiar to Gu Jin’s eye. However, before she could take a closer look, the car already drove away.


Looking at his grandson walking away, the sound of his daughter’s question rang in his ear. Xu Baishan’s eyes blurred as he recalled Mu Mingcheng’s youth.

When the elders of the Mu family died early, Mu Mingcheng was sent to his mother’s family home, the Xu’s, by his busy parents from an early age. Xu Chenghui and his brothers grew up with him.

When he was a teenager, Mu Mingcheng was a hot-blooded young man with bad temper and patience.

But, every time Master Xu told them a few stories about the battlefield, he was the one who listened with utmost concentration.

So, when he was eighteen years old, he secretly applied to the military academy without informing his family.
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