Chapter 146: Demise

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So, when Mu Mingcheng was eighteen years old, he secretly applied to the military academy without informing his family.

By the time the family found out, the matter had already become a foregone conclusion.

Xu Baishan originally thought to himself, how long could the boy persist in such a strict place as military academy, especially as a wealthy son who has never suffered in life?

Unexpectedly, for the whole year, he did not receive a single phone call from Mu Mingcheng complaining about his hardship.

Another year in military academy, he received news that Mu Mingcheng was elected to be part of the special forces.

When Mu Mingcheng went to military academy, he never revealed his identity. Every bit of merit was earned by himself.

He won more and more awards, making the upper echelons of the army noticed him, and soon, they discovered that he was Xu Baishan’s grandson.

There are rumours in the circle that Xu Baishan was training him as his heir, and in the future, the Xu family’s influence in the army will definitely be handed over to this boy.

When the rumours reached Xu Baishan, he was dissatisfied. While he really favored Mu Mingcheng, his grandson, his surname is ‘Mu’, not ‘Xu’. No matter how much he liked him, he couldn’t inherit Xu’s family influence.

Xu Baishan initially wanted to suppress this piece of news, but had no idea where Xu Chenghui and his brother somehow received such information. Suddenly, the Xu brothers tried several times harder than usual, afraid that other people may compare them with this cousin who had a different surname.

Xu Baishan looked at the situation and quietly changed his plans. He would use Mu Mingcheng to motivate the descendants of Xu family; perhaps it would help stimulate two promising grandsons of his to reach their potential. Knowing Mu Mingcheng’s abilities, he would not easily have an accident, so Xu Baishan occasionally sat on the sidelines, observing Xu Chenghui’s black-handed behavior towards Mu Mingcheng.

Until that time, four years ago, Mu Mingcheng’s life was endangered.

After that, Mu Mingcheng reported that he had been injured and wished to retire before going back to inherit the Mu family’s business…


He did not regret using Mu Mingcheng to hone his descendants, but he regretted that the man he had always valued, Xu Chenghui, was a hopeless straw bag. [T/N: Straw bag aka a good-for-nothing]


When the police station notified the Gu house, Grandma Gu almost fainted.

Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia were at work. So instead, she was accompanied to the police station by Gu Teng.

The old woman had lived all her life and had never been to such a place before. All she knew was that people who were brought into the police station were not good people. Her legs trembled all the way out of the car.

When Grandma Gu arrived and saw Gu Ling’s distressed appearance, she burst into tears. “Ling Ling, what did you do?”

The comrades over at the police station held the virtue of respecting the old and cherishing the young. They respectfully brought out a chair for Grandma Gu and told her the story before asking someone to escort her back. “Old lady, you should educate your granddaughter well and teach her to spend her time at school. Don’t let her learn such bad things at a young age. To be a mistress…well, I don’t even want to talk about it. Just take the young woman with you.”

By the time Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia came back in the evening, they had already heard the news straight from Gu Jin and Gu Teng. Gu Ling was so ambitious that she went as far as trying to become a mistress of Xu Chenghui, a cousin of Mu Mingcheng. Now that rumors of her corrupted morals and breaking of family customs spread, it may have an impact on Gu Jin’s marriage. The Gu husband and wife could no longer tolerate this adoptive daughter.

The couple tried to convince the old lady by exaggerating the influence of Gu Ling’s affair on their work, on Gu Teng’s future reputation, and on Gu Jin’s marriage. Finally, they emphasized that her scandal could block the prospects of that man, Xu Chenghui, who came from a powerful family. Now that the news had spread to the public, that man’s official career will be over, and he may retaliate against the Gu family using his power.


The old lady was so frightened that she packed all of her belongings in one night. The next morning, Gu Ling, who was clamoring to marry a rich man, went back to the countryside.

In fact, what they said was true. This was too much trouble. Xu Chenghui’s reputation has been damaged and his official position saw little hope to get promoted. Originally he was going to lose his official position, but under Xu family’s instructions, he was sent to a remote county and became a small official. It will take two years for the matters to fade away before he could be transferred back.

However, it was unknown whether Xu Chenghui, with his arrogant heart, would still have the ambition to display his skills in official career.

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