Chapter 147: Finale–Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng 1

Chapter 147: Finale–Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng (1)

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Gu Jin agreed to Mu Mingcheng’s proposal at the age of 24.

According to her original plan for life, marriage should be around the age of 26 and then wait to have a baby around 28-years-old.

But when she checked the pregnancy test stick, it revealed two bars to her dismay. She glanced at Mu Mingcheng who covered his mouth and hid a laugh. Gu Jin really wanted to call him out.

Just when she lifted a fist to beat him up, Mu Mingcheng grabbed her hand and told her to be careful not to hurt the child.

Hearing him refer to the child, Gu Jin’s anger rose again.

Mu Mingcheng hurriedly put his arm before her, which she used to vent her anger on by biting on it.

Not only did she bite it, she also beat it up. But something had to be done about this new life in her belly.

Pregnancy before marriage was really unexpected for her. Fortunately, she and Mu Mingcheng were engaged years ago, so they only needed to complete the final step.

Gu Jin was four months pregnant when she and Mu Mingcheng had their wedding.

Six months later, their Little Mingcheng was born.

Gu Jin was twenty-eight at that time.


At this age, who knew how many women had abandoned their youth and started to grow wrinkles from working all day while also tending to family and children.

But it was different for Gu Jin. Mu Mingcheng never bothered her after marriage, neither did he interfere with her career. Her life was very comfortable.

After a few years passed, many acquaintances have commented that her appearance seems to have changed little.

In fact, she had already become the mother of a four-year-old child. But in her eyes, one can still see the youthfulness of a girl along with a touch of a mature charm.

When outsiders mention her, they can’t stop admiring everything about her, both inside and out.


During late spring and April, the weather was neither cold nor hot. Actors who were part of historical dramas didn’t suffer from the heat, even as they changed from one outfit to another.

Gu Jin wore thinner clothes. She was shivering from the cold after a breeze swept by. The assistant rushed to the car to get her clothes.

While waiting, she stayed low-key and stood outside the set while observing the actors as they filmed.


Today was the last day of the shooting. After filming this scene, the drama crew will be disbanded.

Gu Jin appeared on set for several days because her company invested on this drama.

Yes, she invested.

Over the years, both Gu Jin and Fang Yuan married and had children, but Tong Lin, as the creative center of their team, remained happily single.

She wondered if Tong Lin was still unable to forget the previous, Gu Jin, but then, Tong Lin never showed any strange looks when they were together.

Gu Jin sighed as she prayed in her mind countless times: if there is a future life, she hopes that the original host and Tong Lin can have a chance.

As for the magazine she co-founded with Tong Lin and Fang Yuan, it began to gain some reputation in the nation after several years of painstaking efforts. Gu Jin herself didn’t believe that their hard work can possibly become so successful without some backing.

Now that their career has progressed to this point, they may as well be satisfied with it. But one of their three founders, Fang Yuan, could not stay content. After getting his life and business on track, he took fancy to the lucrative entertainment industry. But before continuing, he discussed first with Tong Lin and Gu Jin first, and found that they also shared the same intentions.


After all, who wouldn’t want to earn more money rather than slowly burning out, right?

Since this was a magazine company, they had contact with many authors, including many excellent works suitable for film and TV adaptations. So the simplest and crudest way to get involved in entertainment was by investing in film and television.

One of the most profitable industries right now was film and television. With Gu Jin’s social standing, even if she didn’t try to climb someone’s branches, there are still many businessmen willing to offer money to cooperate with them.
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