Chapter 148: Finale–Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng 2

Chapter 148: Finale–Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng (2)

At the finale of the drama, the male protagonist who acted the emperor, wore a special Dragon Robe. He ascended the throne, going up the jade stairs step by step, with an expression that was neither sad nor joyous.

When he reached the last step of the jade stairs, he turned his head and looked back. Behind him were hundreds of steps. His eyes seemed to cloud for a moment, as if from above, he could see the vast mountains and river paved with white bones, along with a woman who was buried in time.

“Cut–” the director shouted. The solemn atmosphere was soon broken and the drama crew was lively once again, having the mood to laugh and discuss.

“Miss Gu,” said a man in his early twenties. He offered her a bottle of water and said with a shy smile, “You don’t feel thirsty after standing there for so long?”

Gu Jin was caught unawares when this young man suddenly came up to chat. Upon examining his face, she realized that he played the third leading man in the drama.

Was he a newcomer in the entertainment industry?

The young man appeared elegant and handsome, truly suitable for acting in a historical drama. No wonder he was chosen by the director to play the third leading man in this big production. Perhaps he had yet to be blinded by beauty and money since he was still green to the industry. His eyes were pure and he blushed when he spoke to her.

Gu Jin was in quite a good mood in such a situation. Whether married or unmarried, it is a pleasure for a woman to have a handsome man take the initiative to talk with her.

She smiled but did not reach for the bottle of water. Just as she was about to politely refuse, she heard someone shout:

“Director Gu, someone’s looking for you.”

“Alright, I’ll be right there.” Gu Jin turned to the young actor and said in an apologetic tone, “I’m sorry, someone is looking for me at the other end..”

“It’s alright,” said the actor. He waved his hand indifferently and said with a smile, “You already seem to be busy.”

When those around him saw how he gazed at Gu Jin’s departing figure, one of the staff patted him on the shoulder and said, “Brother, seeing that you’re very new here, let me advise you: don’t have any thoughts towards famous beauties who have long had children and are older than you.”

The phrase ‘had children’ hit the young man like a thunderbolt. His eyes were wide in shock.


Since he was a newcomer, the company hasn’t had time to give him brokers and assistants. He knew nothing about the entertainment circle. Recently, Gu Jin has been visiting the set with her title as an investor. The actor simply assumed that this beautiful girl was the eldest daughter of a wealthy family in the Imperial Capital. Perhaps she visited the set out of her boredom to spend her money on something.

How can he guess that she’s long been married with children?

However, Miss Gu had a noble and elegant temperament, so she must have a good family background. For her to marry at such a young age and have children, her husband must be some greasy, middle-aged, round-bellied man. That’s because in reality, it’s not uncommon for aristocratic ladies to marry rich old men for the sake of their family.

The young actor comforted himself with these thoughts. Still, he couldn’t help but glance back at Gu Jin’s direction, noticing that she quickened her pace as she trotted towards a parked car. As her thin heels clacked on the ground, he felt as if his heart was being squeezed.

The next moment, the door opened and a chubby little prince jumped out of the car. While feeling curious about what the two conversed over, another man stepped out of the car. At a glance, the actor soon felt guilty about his earlier thoughts.

The man wore a delicate white shirt, a dark red bow tie on his neck, along with a black suit. He wore leather shoes that matched with the color of his suit.

“Little Ye Zi.”

The child was bored until he saw his mother approaching. Gu Jin came up to him and embraced the boy and he brightly exclaimed, “Mama.”

Just when he wanted to share something out of excitement, a thought flitted in his mind. He glanced to his side before composing himself and speaking like a small adult.


“Lady Gu, please pay attention to your image outside. Don’t hug me in public.”

Gu Jin squinted, then suddenly stood down and rubbed her eyes. She said in a hurt voice, “Does little Ye Zi not love his mom?”

When Mu Yunye saw that she looked sad, he immediately panicked. He patted Gu Jin on the shoulder and explained, “Mom, I’m already grown up. If you still call me little Ye Zi, others will make fun of me.”

Gu Jin glanced at the small bean sprout who wasn’t even past the height of her waist. She lifted the corners of her mouth and laughed. “Okay, I won’t call you little Ye Zi, then can I call you Da Ye Zi? My darling, Da Ye Zi?” (T/N: Da–bigger/older)

Mu Yunzhen felt tangled for a moment, unsure of whether he should promise or not. He wrinkled his little bun face before wisely redirecting the topic. “Oh…Mama, have you forgotten that today is Dad’s birthday?”

“Who said so? I haven’t forgotten.” Gu Jin smiled and ruffled her son’s hair.

“Dad said–” Mu Yunye turned around and glanced at the car. Mu Mingcheng, who wore a matching suit with his son, stepped out of the car.

“It’s getting late. Are you planning to go home?” Mu Mingcheng glanced up at her lightly. Based on his current expression, it was difficult to tell whether he was happy or upset.
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