Chapter 149: Finale–Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng 3

Chapter 149: Finale–Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng (3)

“I finished my work here, so I’ll be heading home with you. There won’t be any need for me to visit this place again.” Gu Jin greeted the assistant before joining her husband and son in the car.

Gu Jin was quite tired from working all day so by the time she got home, she lay on the sofa and closed her eyes for a nap. When she opened her eyes, she noticed Mu Mingcheng sitting beside her with a frown. “Why do you have such an unhappy face?”

“At this age, is your temper still that of a child’s?” Gu Jin raised a finger and poked her husband’s cheek. “Why are you so unhappy on your birthday? Tell me.”

Mu Mingcheng’s face became darker and her glanced back at her.

“Well, well, I’m just kidding. You’re not old at all.” Gu Jin snuggled against Mu Mingcheng’s neck and printed a kiss at the corner of his lips.

Mu Mingcheng, who had yet to reach 35-years-old, was still a handsome man by appearance, no matter his age. No one knew better than Gu Jin about how his strong abdominal muscles and smooth mermaid line always took her to the peak during those quiet nights.

Compared to how he was eight years ago, his taste was much more lingering. Just like a cup of old wine, the taste was more delicious and intoxicating.

But Gu Jin didn’t make any comments about his birthday or age.

At dinner time, Mu Yunye kept asking Gu Jin what her birthday gift was going to be for her father this year.

Gu Jin’s eyes were filled with amusement upon noticing how Mu Mingcheng’s ears perked up despite his silence. “We’re still a young couple. What birthday gift would you like me to buy for you?” She raised her chin and pretended to be prideful as she spoke: “Even if there’s a gift, little Ye Zi can’t take a peek. Who was it who said you can’t give me a kiss or even a hug earlier this afternoon?”

Mu Yunye quickly glanced at Mu Mingcheng and tentatively asked, “So if I give you a hug now, can you let me have a look? Just one look.” As if to be sure, he put up his fat index finger.

Gu Jin pretended to examine him for a while before nodding ‘reluctantly’ then received a kiss from his son. Afterwards, she got up, went to the bathroom and took out a box.

Under the expectant gazes of her husband and son, Gu Jin opened the box to reveal an exquisite and stylish wristwatch.

“Mom, you’re not very creative.” Mu Yunye was excited to see the present at first, but now, his eyes couldn’t hide his disappointment. He shook his head and sighed: “This year is a watch. Last year was a belt, and the year before last was a cuff button…”


“Mu Yunye,” Mu Mingcheng called while Gu Jin remained silent. With a straight face, he said very seriously: “As long as your mother gave the gift, I like it.”

Mu Yunye pouted his lips. As a kid, he couldn’t have a say while his father was infatuated without principles in front of his mother.

Gu Jin on the other hand, tilted her head and smiled at Mu Mingcheng, her gaze full of meaning.

Their family lived on the second floor. Mu Mingcheng trained Little Ye Zi to sleep by himself half a year ago. At 9:30, he went back to his room, accompanied by Gu Jin.

After coaxing her son to sleep soundly, Gu Jin went out the room and looked around the house. Unexpectedly, she found Mu Mingcheng, who had been cold for half a day, back at his study office.

She gently opened the door and saw her husband attentively doing his work.

Gu Jin raised a brow and went to the bathroom.

Mu Mingcheng, who spent half an hour in his study, was in such a bad mood that he didn’t go to find his wife to make amends. On his birthday, not only did Gu Jin go out for work. She even bluntly pointed out his age, which really poked on his weakness.

Ever since reaching his thirtieth birthday, ‘old’ was the last word he wanted to hear. Gu Jin was turning 30-years-old this year.


He’ll make her see just how ‘old’ he is tonight.

If the mountain doesn’t come down, then it’s on him. He’ll just climb up the mountain himself. After making up his mind, Mu Mingcheng placed down the document, and looked up. He’ll make sure she can’t stand up after tonight.

At the door, Gu Jin wore a white shirt without any underwear. Her tender feet stepped on the long wool carpet, leaving a trail of water droplets.

Feeling drowsy, Gu Jin wanted to scold her son for saying she wasn’t creative. He only saw her little gifts, but for the actual present, how many tears did she have to shed?

Their bedroom was warm and filled with the fragrance of spring.
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