Chapter 16: Family Dinner 1

Chapter 16: Family Dinner (1)
… …. …

There are three floors in the Gu family’s villa.

The first floor contains the living room, the second floor is where the Gu parents reside, and finally, the third floor is left to Gu Jin and her younger brother, Gu Teng.

Gu Jin’s hand swept over the cool white European handrails as she made her towards the third floor.

She turned to the first room on her right, which was her bedroom.

She pushed the door open to reveal a beige colored wall filled with purple dandelions. The room was adorned with an ivory collection while the wardrobe gave off a fresh lavender scent.

It can be seen that even if she wasn’t home very often, there was still someone who would ensure the room’s cleanliness.

The impression given by this bedroom was that of plain elegance with a mild warmth; this was consistent with the original host’s temperament.

Within this light colored arrangement, the desk by the window sill was unusually inconspicuous.

There were several famous poetry collections on the table, with annotations left behind by the host.

The handwriting was refined, just like its owner.

Gu Jin relieved her boredom by reading over the notes and poems in those books; she passed her time doing so for the next twenty minutes.

Gu Jin rubbed her aching shoulder and sighed. The original host was such an intellectual.

When she thought of the comics she read in her phone and compared them to the elegant tastes of the original host, Gu Jin suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

After feeling ashamed for two seconds, she brushed away such negative thoughts and leisurely laid on her bed. She pulled out her cellphone and began to browse around.


No way am I going to act like an elegant scholar; I’m just a passerby who ended up transmigrating into a character’s body by accident.

The life I have now isn’t the kind I’ve experienced before. In my previous life, I never had time for myself, but in this new world, I’m going to eat, drink, and enjoy myself from now on.

Around 4:30 in the afternoon, Zhao Yi, a cook who had worked many years for the Gu family, came to prepare dinner.

Gu Jin took a shower and changed her outfit before heading downstairs.

Father Gu sat on the balcony, reading a newspaper, while Gu Teng sat on the sofa, immersing himself on who knows what.

On a closer look, it seemed related to computers.

Gu Jin sighed once again. No doubt, the Gu family was worthy of being called scholars; each of its members are masters at studying and their eagerness to learn is on a whole nother level above ordinary people.

For example, there is Gu Teng who was about to take the college entrance exams; he hasn’t even turned a page in his review book. This teenager only studies what he’s interested in. Not only did their parents not scold him, they seemed to have given up in convincing him at this point. Perhaps it was because they were very confident in their son’s ability.

When Gu Jin recalled the host’s memories of her previous life, she discovered that Gu Teng was accepted in the computer department at the Imperial University.


When she remembered such a fact, Gu Jin felt that this brat was suddenly quite admirable.

“Aunt Zhao, we’ll have some sweet and sour pork ribs for dinner tonight.” Gu Teng read a page while giving out an order.

“Alright!” Aunt Zhao’s loud voice resounded from the kitchen. She was usually quite relaxed, but right now, her heart felt a little confused. If she recalled correctly, Little Teng didn’t like anything with a sweet and sour taste.

But when it comes to sweet and sour flavors, Aunt Zhao couldn’t help but think of a particular person.

As a straight-forward woman, the aunt immediately said what she thought: “Unfortunately, Little Jin isn’t with us today. She likes to eat the sweet and sour pork ribs that I make.”

Just after speaking, Aunt Zhao remembered that the relationship between the two siblings wasn’t very good. How could she let her mouth slip?

She could only secretly pray that Gu Teng didn’t hear her.

When she came out of the kitchen to deliver the dishes, she saw Gu Jin standing behind Gu Teng.


Her eyes widened with surprise and she exclaimed, “Little Jin, you’re home! I was wondering why Little Teng would ask me to make sweet and sour ribs.”

Gu Teng turned his head and looked behind him. His eyes suddenly caught Gu Jin’s stare, causing him to blush for a moment. He quickly turned back around and grunted, but he didn’t deny the Aunt’s words. The boy flipped through his book and pretended to read once again.

As someone with a sister-complex, Gu Teng was aware early on when Gu Jin arrived home. He waited a long time by his window, but he still didn’t see anyone enter through the door.

Gu Teng wanted to go out and greet her, but he was afraid that if he went up to her, they might end up arguing again and cause her to leave.
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