Chapter 150: Finale–Cheng Xin 1

Chapter 150: Finale–Cheng Xin (1)

“General Manager Cheng, this is the plan we’ve submitted for our cooperation with Hz company.” The young and handsome assistant placed a thick pile of papers on the desk. “If you think it’s okay, please sign your name.”

The assistant carefully observed the woman’s face before him. His gaze paused on the dark circles around her eyes and a silent heartache flashed through his eyes.

“Place it down first, I’ll check on it right away,” Cheng Xin ordered. However, her head was still buried under the pile of documents. There were so many tasks that were accumulated these days but she had to hurry up and finish them.

After being ordered by his boss to come pick up the papers in half an hour, the assistant made his way towards the exit. At the last moment, just before he closed the door, the man glanced at the woman behind the desk.

He had been working for the Cheng family for nearly four to five years right after his graduation. As an assistant to the CEO, getting along with her day after day gave him ambiguous feelings towards her.

It must’ve simply been heartache and pity for her in the beginning, since CEO Cheng was a woman with no other brothers or sisters to lend her a hand. To handle the large Cheng company alone must be very difficult.

Three years ago, he accompanied Ms. Cheng to a bar. She wasn’t very good at drinking, but in order to make deals with the other company’s director, she had to accompany the man in drinking. After ‘several’ cups, she had to force herself and endure while the other party spoke unkind and provocative words.

Finally, the man signed the agreement. By the time Ms. Cheng returned from the bar, she almost fainted and could only walk with the help of her assistant. She couldn’t help but vomit as they walked in the dark night.

Since she was heavily drunk, the assistant decided to send her off to her home. But then unexpectedly, he heard a person’s name– ‘Hao.’ Then the woman spoke incoherently afterwards, but he could always remember clearly how sadly she cried.

Although he couldn’t understand her words, he knew that this man named ‘Hao’ had hurt her deeply.

Perhaps from that day onwards, his thoughts had changed towards her.

After the assistant’s footsteps had trailed off, Cheng Xin raised her head and rubbed her tearful and sour eyes.

This man had assisted her well after working for her for so many years. But Cheng Xin couldn’t allow him to stay here in the company, at least not with her.


Although he hid his mood well, Cheng Xin had experienced an unforgettable love and could tell if a person liked someone. It can’t be hidden in the eyes. Just one look at that male assistant and Cheng Xin could tell everything from his eyes.

And because of that understanding, Cheng Xin couldn’t forgive herself even more.

When she was young, how silly and naive was she to think that Gu Jin would be unaware of Shao Chong’s infatuation with her?

These days, the once close pair of girlfriends, even sisters, no longer contacted each other all year round. Occasionally, they would just nod upon brushing past each other. Even if the elders of both families found the strangeness between their interactions, she wouldn’t dare say why. She avoided the topic by saying that both of them had grown up and had their own busy lives to handle.

After losing love, she didn’t want to see her family’s disappointed stares full of blame. Only by putting herself to work can she escape fantasies and face reality.

Sometimes, when she rested on her desk in fatigue, some strange images would appear in her mind. The most terrible thing was her seeing Gu Jin and Shao Chong married, but their marriage wasn’t perfect. The immediate cause for their falling out was because of her. Even at the last scene, there will always be a haunting image of blood stains, which causes her to awaken from her nightmare.
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