Chapter 152: Finale–Previous Life 1

Chapter 152: Finale–Previous Life (1)

Outside the maternity room at the hospital, there were several people passing to and fro.

Shao Chong stood a little farther away from the entrance, his head bowed down, while his eyebrows were wrinkled in worry.

It had been more than five hours since Cheng Xin entered the delivery room, but there was still no movement. Shao Chong once heard that when a woman is about to give birth, she wanders between the boundary of life and death. Cheng Xin had always been a delicate lady who never suffered hardship. If that was the case, then…

‘No no no!’ Shao Chong forced himself to ignore such terrible guesses in his mind.

Cheng Xin’s pregnancy test revealed that she was in good condition, so there should certainly be no accident.

But he couldn’t help but worry; while Cheng Xin had been pregnant for the past eight months, there would’ve been more time before the baby was born if she had not accidentally fallen down the stairs this morning.

It has often been said, “Seven survives but eight may not make it…”

(T/N: Chinese saying meaning that a 7-month premature newborn can live while an 8-month old newborn may not make it)

Shao Chong’s hands curled into tight fists and a thin layer of sweat covered his forehead.

Jing Hao had suddenly left on a business trip abroad, leaving Cheng Xin, who was in critical condition, with no one to accompany her.

Old master Jing had died of an illness a year ago. Cheng Xin didn’t trust the Jing family’s members, neither did she want her parents to worry, so she called him to accompany her and her baby.

Upon hearing the news, Shao Chong was both anxious and angry.

How could Jing Hao do such a thing? His wife was pregnant with his eight-month-old child, and yet he has the nerve to go abroad on a business trip?


Definitely not a qualified husband!

Shao Chong felt remorse for Cheng Xin. He stared at the delivery room for a while and hesitated for a moment before dialing the Cheng parents’ number.

When they heard that their only daughter had fallen down the stairs and was induced to give prematurely, they immediately left the company and hung up the phone, doing their best to rush over as quickly as possible.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the hospital. Knowing that their treasured girl had been suffering for five hours without their son-in-law by her side, they felt some dissatisfaction towards Jing Hao.

Shao Chong nodded silently as he listened to mother Cheng rant angrily about Jing Hao. In his heart, he secretly cautioned himself that once Gu Jin becomes pregnant, he must temporarily leave the company to his father to manage while he stays by her side to take good care of her.

However, based on Gu Jin’s nature, she would definitely be more prudent and steady when she is with child. So even without him by her side, she would surely take good care of herself.

Shao Chong’s heart couldn’t help but soften at the thought of having his own children.

He had been married to Gu Jin for five years now. Whether it was his parents or his friends, all of them regarded her with much praise.

Shao Chong was no longer young. When he recalled his deep infatuation for Cheng Xin in his youth, his heart would skip a beat, but only for a moment, as if everything had disappeared into the fog.


On the contrary, Gu Jin’s color had become more and more distinct in his mind.

Sure enough, time can change most people. He had known her for a long time, and although he had no affection for her, she continued to stay by his side.

Silently she stayed, and slowly, he began to get used to having her existence; like the frog that stayed put in warm water until it boiled, he finally indulged in that warm water.

After completely taking over the Shao family business for more than a year, he had actively been preparing his wife for pregnancy

Especially after learning that Cheng Xin was pregnant, he had a greater sense of urgency to have a child.

His parents also kept a close eye on them and had mentioned it to the couple several times, both in public and in secret.

Shao Chong considered himself to be a considerate husband who didn’t pressure his wife. It’s alright if they don’t have children now; they were still young. They can do with what they are now for the next two years.

It’s just that, for some reason, Gu Jin’s earlier phone call made Shao Chong’s heart feel uneasy.


When Cheng Xin arrived at the hospital, her condition was in such an unstable state that he hung up in a hurry.
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