Chapter 154: Previous Life 3

Chapter 154: Previous Life (3)

However, his hopes were shattered the next moment. In the distance, he saw his solemn parents-in-law who had lost all of their elegance and demeanor. Their backs were bent over as they supported each other, the grayness of the hair now noticeable.

Shao Chong’s feet could not move forward a step, as if his body became as heavy as a mountain.

Sensing someone’s presence, Gu Changsheng turned around and looked in his direction.

This father’s eyes turned red and teary when he recalled a scene with Gu Jin just a few days.

Shao Chong went over to their side and whispered: “Dad, Mom.” He tried to smile like he used to in front of them, but now, he couldn’t even manage a proper smile.

Gu Changsheng sighed, patted Shao Chong on the shoulder, and after a moment of silence, left him with only one sentence: “You go and see her.”

Outside the dilapidated door, Shao Chong found the surroundings desolate and gloomy. The nearest cement road was hundreds of meters away.

Gu Jin’s body was covered with a white cloth, so pure and peaceful. In the end, his trembling fingertips didn’t have the courage to pull the cover aside.

His eyes were fixed on a pool of blood that covered this corner of the house. The blood spread and stretched several feet until it accumulated another pool of blood by the door.

The people who busily worked in the room soon noticed a man in a suit and leather shoes, kneeling on the ground. His ruffled clothing and awkward posture couldn’t hide his handsome appearance. After glancing at the man in surprise, they resumed their work once again.

Shao Chong bent down and laughed, his body trembling. After laughing for a while, he stood up.

Outside the house, the sun shone brightly. Shao Chong stood by the doorway, but he only felt cold all over.



“Sir, your lady’s brother has come for a visit.” The servant opened the door carefully, and the pungent smell of alcohol emanated from the room. The servant could only sigh.

Ever since Mr. Shao came home that day, he shut himself in his room and never went out.

Three days later, his father called for someone to force the door open, only to find Shao Chong overdosed with alcohol. He rushed his son to the hospital for gastric lavage.

But once Shao Chong regained consciousness, his demeanor was like that of a ghost’s. If he couldn’t get the alcohol he demanded, he would make trouble and smash things at home.

Fearing that his son might hurt himself, Father Shao ordered his men to give him drinks with low alcohol content.

At this time, the servant waited outside the room for Shao Chong’s reply, but there was only silence. The servant’s heart felt bitter as he thought to himself: ‘How can a good lady like her meet a kidnapper on the road? Based on Mr. Shao’s current appearance, he probably won’t be leaving his room for a while.’ Just when he was about to turn around and leave…


“Have him wait, I’ll be going down at once.” Shao Chong actually replied, to the man’s surprise, although his voice was hoarse.

“Shao Chong you bastard!” As soon as Gu Teng saw him coming down the stairs, he grabbed the man’s collar and punched him in the face.


The servant went up to help him, but Shao Chong ordered him to stop.

“Where were you when my sister went to the hospital? What the f*ck were you doing?” Gu Teng smashed his face fiercely again. “Who is Cheng Xin? Why does it matter to you if she’s giving birth to a child?”

“When my sister was kidnapped by thieves, you hung up on her phone. Are you comfortable now that you’ve left a corpse and killed two lives? You accomplice!”

Shao Chong didn’t return his words or his punches. He let Gu Teng scold him and even felt that he had lashed too little.

Once Gu Teng got bored fighting, he asked with a sneer: “My sister owes nothing to Cheng Xin. And yet, not only has she lived under her cousin’s shadow all her life, even her own man cares more about Cheng Xin.”

Shao Chong’s body was frozen stiff.

After Gu Teng left, he sat on the sofa for a while. Shao Chong habitually looked to the balcony and was surprised to realize that the vase Gu Jin placed there had been changed.

It’s been a week since he’s looked at his surroundings, and now, the living room was redecorated with a new look.


“You there! COME HERE!”

“What’s the matter, sir?”

“Who told you to change the vase there! Who dared?!” Shao Chong pointed to the balcony with murderous eyes. His face seemed to turn blue from anger.

The stunned servant replied, “Sir, it was you who broke it…”

“I..” When it suddenly dawned on Shao Chong, his hand slowly lowered and he collapsed on the sofa.

Soon, he ordered all of the servants to take three days off and no one was allowed to appear at the villa.

After the servants have left, Shao Chong got up and walked to every corner of the villa. His heart was empty and the light in his eyes grew dimmer and dimmer. After so many years together, he had very few memories with her; even if he wanted to pretend to be affectionate with her now, they wasn’t much to recall of their time together.

He was simply a joke. What right does he have to look down on Jing Hao?


Overnight, the tea table in front of the sofa was filled up with empty bottles. Intoxicated with alcohol, he closed his eyes and vaguely saw a girl, running and jumping on the lawn calling, “Daddy, Daddy!” while a gentle and beautiful woman chased after her, telling her to be careful.

Shao Chong curved up his lips, revealing a smile that was more unsightly than crying.
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