Chapter 155: Finale–This Life original hos

Chapter 155: Finale–This Life (original host)

When Gu Jin woke up again, it was in her junior year.

Unlike last time, her rebirth this time around was more than two months ahead of schedule.

Even after three days, Gu Jin was still baffled. It was truly a dream to have two rebirths.

But that’s what happened.

She still had memories of her past life.

After her death, her soul didn’t disappear, but rather, witnessed everyone’s ending. It turns out that when she was kidnapped, Shao Chong accompanied Cheng Xin during her childbirth at the hospital. Gu Jin’s deep anger and unwillingness caused the air to fluctuate. To her surprise, a whirlpool suddenly appeared and sucked her in.

The whirlpool’s energy was so powerful that it caused her soul to fall into a coma. When she awakened, she found that she had returned to the age of twenty, but before she could celebrate her rebirth, she discovered that her body was occupied by a foreign soul.

Right when she was about to compete for the right to use her body, the instability of her soul and body caused her to fall into a coma once again. The friction between body and two souls caused their memories to converge, almost overwhelming her.

Gu Jin woke up three months later and was shocked by the other person’s memory. It turned out that the world she lived in was a novel whose female protagonist was Cheng Xin.

The general descriptions in the book were almost identical to her experiences, except for her death.

Gu Jin’s mood was a bit complicated. Especially after seeing that ‘Gu Jin’ and Mu Mingcheng’s relationship, she lost her motivation to compete for this body.

So what if she takes her body back now? If she got it back, she wouldn’t do so well in her state.

The other ‘Gu Jin’ was also a kind girl. Not only did she feel remorse for taking over, she even thought of getting revenge on her behalf.


To be honest, if Gu Jin was reborn just now, she might shrink in cowardice before Cheng Xin and Shao Chong. What’s more, it seems that Shao Chong also experienced a rebirth somehow.

Although her feelings for him completely dissipated after she learned of events following her death, she wasn’t sure if she could cut through the mess easily.

She recalled a voice that spoke to her in the dark: the man wished her a good ending and told her to do good at all times. Gu Jin thought she might have found the reason for her rebirth.

“Wake up, Little Jin?” Cheng Xin opened the door with a smile, but her expression soon collapsed. “Oh, my God, why haven’t you got up yet?”

She said in surprise, “We’re going to the amusement with Jing Hao today, have you forgotten?”

Gu Jin looked at Cheng Xin with complicated emotions. She didn’t enjoy going to these kinds of places, but she forced herself to go to make these two people happy.

But now, she didn’t want to. Whether due to hate or dislike, after going through two lifetimes of being looked down on, she no longer wanted to live in resentment and unwillingness.

Gu Jin quietly looked down and replied, “Sorry, I can’t go today.”

“Don’t be shy.” Cheng Xin teasingly smiled and added: “Are you shy because Shao Chong is there too?”


Gu Jin raised her head, looked at her calmly, and retorted for the first time: “I have nothing to do with him. He likes you, so don’t try to pair him together with me in the future. The Literature Club has some errands for me so I’m going to attend to it. You guys go and play.”

“That’s not true, the one he likes is you…” Cheng Xin’s voice trailed off and she couldn’t look straight in Gu Jin’s direct stare. “Alright, then I’m off.” Cheng Xin walked out in a daze, wondering why something didn’t feel quite right. But she didn’t think about it much, since she was going to hang out with Jing Hao.

It seems that saying ‘No’ to Cheng Xin wasn’t as difficult as Gu Jin thought. After imitating that other ‘Gu Jin’s speech and tone of voice when turning her cousin down, the heavy burden in her heart was lifted.

Her happy mood stayed with her even after entering the conference room.

As the vice president, she was very close with Tong Lin. If her past self didn’t care so much about him, the present her now felt uncomfortable knowing his thoughts.

She tried to adjust her breathing as she spoke with the club members, but she couldn’t help but turn red when occasionally making eye contact with Tong Lin.

There was a certain history book that came to mind. The other ‘Gu Jin’ didn’t have any value for this book, but the present Gu Jin knew of its significance.

Back then, during the beginning of freshman year, she was at the library reading ‘The History of the Ming Dynasty,” when a boy with a soap fragrance walked up to the aisle and read out loud the name of the book with a smile. They exchanged a few words because of their similar hobbies, and Gu Jin spoke of her remorse for the collapse of Ming Dynasty.


This time, at the end of the meeting, Gu Jin still remained in her seat as if pondering something. Suddenly, she realized that she and Tong Lin were the only ones left in the room.

Gu Jin panicked for a moment and squeezed the bag in her hand.

“Are you okay?” Tong Lin asked in a plain voice, but the look of concern couldn’t be concealed in his eyes.

Gu Jin was shocked.

She’s been brave once, so she can be brave once more…it shouldn’t be too bad, right?

Under Tong Lin’s concerned stare, she whispered: “President Tong Lin, I recall that you were also interested in the Ming Dynasty’s history. Can I ask you a few questions about it later?”

Tong Lin was apparently surprised. Soon, his eyes brightened with a smile and he replied: “Alright, there’s a cafe nearby. Let’s go there and talk about it.”

(I Refuse to be A Supporting Character, End)


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