Chapter 17: Family Dinner 2

Chapter 17: Family Dinner (2)
… … …

So when he heard Gu Jin’s voice, he immediately ran down the stairs towards her.

In order to keep his temper in check, he tried hard not to bring Cheng Xin into their conversations.

He never expected that his silly sister would suddenly be enlightened!

But he was still anxious that she would be upset with him again.

From time to time, he would look up at Gu Jin nervously, but she seemed just fine.

Gu Jin allowed Aunt Zhao to continue on with her duties. Now that they’ve seen each other, the Aunt grinned happily and returned to the kitchen.

By the time Li Mingxia returned home, it was almost 6 o’clock.

As soon as Mrs. Gu entered through the door, Gu Jin realized where she and her brother inherited their good looks.

Li Mingxia was two years younger than Gu Changsheng. After being married to him for decades, Father Gu never burdened her to do work in the kitchen.

Both of Mrs. Gu’s children have matured, but time seemed to favor Li Mingxia, leaving no trace of aging on her.

She was nearly fifty-years old but her hair was still a lustrous black and her eyes were bright; she carried an elegance and dignity that was a part of her every fiber and being.

Simply, exquisite.

When Mrs. Gu arrived home, she appeared quite troubled.

But when she saw her daughter who rarely came home, she barely managed to smile.


“Little Jin, you look like you’ve lost some weight. Have you been eating well?” She pressed Gu Jin’s slender wrists and said, “You and Cheng Xin are living together, and you’re both still young; you two should take good care of yourselves. Don’t try to lose so much weight–it’s bad for your health.”

Gu Jin had never experienced such motherly love in her past life. She nodded eagerly and said with embarrassment, “I’ll remember that.”

When Father Gu saw that his wife had returned, he immediately put down his newspaper and politely came to her side to take her bag.

Gu Jin was pushed to the side, out of sight. She seriously doubted if this romantic man was her serious, old-fashioned father.

Zhao Wei’s cooking was very delicious; the food was full of color and fragrance, and the dishes were neatly placed on the table. Such a display successfully wetted Gu Jin’s appetite.

But when she looked at the couple who sat in silence, she didn’t dare to move her chopsticks or touch the food.

Even the arrogant Gu Teng, who was usually loud, was completely quiet at the moment.

In the middle of this awkward silence, Father Gu spoke up: “Mingxia, you see that Xiao Jin rarely comes home. Let’s have dinner first, then we’ll talk about things later.”

Mother Gu’s solemn face finally brightened up with a smile. She took the initiative to put a piece of ribs on Gu Jin’s plate and encouraged, “This is your favorite, come eat more.”


Feeling slightly fearful, Gu Jin picked up her chopsticks and chewed the meat. She glanced at her mother to her left, and then at her father’s serious face to her right side.

She then lowered her head and continued to eat her meal in dread.

After dinner, Gu Teng approached her and asked what kind of game it was that she got for him.

As Gu Jin applied a face mask to her skin, she replied back, “I put it in mother’s bedroom; she said she would give it to you after you finish your exam, or would you like to ask her for it first?”

Gu Teng: …My sister became cunning.

He really wasn’t lacking any money to buy a computer game. He only cared that this game was bought for him ‘specially’ by his sister.

“Do you know why our parents are in conflict right now?” Gu Jin asked.

“I know why.” Gu Teng glanced at her thoughtfully, wondering if she had completely forgotten the event. Finally, he said, “Grandma will be coming in a few days.”


What’s wrong about grandma coming over?

Gu Jin tried to pull from her memory before responding to her brother. What did he mean by her coming over?

That’s right, whenever Grandma Gu visited, Gu Ling would come along as well! Gu Jin recalled this name with distaste.

This dislike wasn’t hers, but the original host’s. Gu Ling was someone who could cause the refined host to actually react in disgust; that was because this cousin’s character was absolutely unrestrained and explosive.

Speaking of Gu Ling, she was also a character that was mentioned a number of times in the novel. Gu Jin, who read the novel in her previous world, knew a few things about this character.
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