Chapter 18: Gu Ling

… … …

Speaking of Gu Ling, she was also a character that was mentioned a number of times in the novel. Gu Jin, who read the novel in her previous world, knew a few things about this character.

There was more to it than having a bad impression.

Gu Ling was not truly blood-related; she was actually adopted and raised by Grandma Gu in the countryside.

Decades ago, when the nation was wrought in political turmoil, Grandpa Gu and his family suffered many losses. As a result, he joined other educated youths to move towards the countryside, where he ended up staying for a few years before marrying one of the local women.

At that time, Gu Changsheng was born, along with a younger brother named Gu Changning.

After rehabilitating in the countryside, Grandpa Gu returned to the city and was admitted to the university. Unlike most men who would leave their women and children in the countryside, Grandpa Gu went back to bring his wife, Grandma Gu and their children, away from their familiar village and into the city with him.

When their son Gu Changning turned 19, he encountered a ruffian who was robbing a helpless girl on the streets. Just when he barely managed to save the victim, he was dealt with two fatal knife wounds on his abdomen and died before reaching the hospital.

Ever since son’s death, Grandma Gu often thought of her youngest son. Due to being unaccustomed to city life, she returned back to her hometown in the countryside.

As Grandma Gu lived in a rural area without her husband, it was no wonder that she would hear the feudal idea of leaving behind a ‘seed’ for Mr. Gu by adopting a child.

Their son, Gu Changsheng, agreed that adopting another child wouldn’t be a burden a burden to their family; he believed it would be beneficial. If his elderly parents spent time raising a child, it would help to ease their loneliness. As such, he disregarded Li Mingxia’s opposition and privately agreed.

The adopted child was Gu Ling.

The reason why Gu Jin’s parents were in conflict was also because of her.

In the original novel, Gu Jin didn’t like Gu Ling, but she still occasionally took her out to socialize in order to show respect towards her grandmother and father.

However, they never expected it to be a case of ‘a farmer raising a snake.’


Gu Ling was six months older than Gu Teng, and she was very prideful.

She wanted to marry a rich young man and become a lady of the upper classes.

There was nothing wrong with this idea, except that she chose to aim for those beyond her scope. First of all she coveted Gu Jin’s boyfriend, Shao Chong, before changing her plans and aiming for Jing Hao, who stood at a higher financial ground than Shao Chong.

Later in the story, who knew what occurred, but Jing Hao somehow developed feelings of pity and compassion towards Gu Ling, which triggered a quarrel between the male and female protagonists.

Because of her involvement, Cheng Xin’s and the former Gu Jin’s sisterhood was almost destroyed!

The present Gu Jin naturally wouldn’t care about a measly friendship between the original host and the female protagonist. Whichever man Gu Ling wants to have, just let her catch that man if she has the ability; Gu Jin had no complaints whatsoever.

And if Gu Ling wanted to use her as a stepping stool like she did to the original host, Gu Jin didn’t mind suppressing her under her feet.

But right now, she had more pressing issues to deal with.

For example, the reminder she received from the School Literature Society.


… … …

Mu Building.

The assistant carefully placed a stack of documents on his employer’s desk. “Sir, this is the information you requested to have investigated.”

“Alright, just leave it there,” Mu Mingcheng absentmindedly replied; without looking up, he remained absorbed with reading the documents in his hands.

The assistant carefully closed the door and heaved a sigh of relief.

Mr. Mu’s mood seemed to be very sour for the past two days. The ones to take the brunt were his closest subordinates, who were afraid to make any mistakes in carrying out his orders.
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