Chapter 19: Literary Society

… …. …

After some time, Mr. Mu put down his document and moved his gaze to the new stack of papers with a contemptuous smile.

When he removed his glasses, the light that shone on his eyes seemed to reveal a cold, heartless gaze that could no longer be hidden.

But when one observed closely, he was just showing symptoms of being nearsighted.

… … …

In the middle of June, the sun was scorching hot throughout the capital. Just going outdoors caused people to feel out of breath.

Within this sweltering weather, Gu Jin walked out of her apartment with her shoulder bag and rushed to school.

When Tuesday afternoon came, there weren’t any classes for the rest of the day so several students stood under the trees’ shades in twos and threes. Some would treat themselves to ice cream or cold herbal tea.

Meanwhile, within the Hanxing Literature Society, a group of students sat with their desks facing each other as they worked on their project.

The editors, who finalized the paper-based drafts, were responsible for browsing through emails of electronic manuscripts and editing them.

On such a hot day, only a single ceiling fan in the room creaked.

“Sigh~ It is like entering a deep ocean after joining the Han Xing Literature Club. Holidays will forever slip through our fingers upon joining.” The tanned youth responsible for editing the paper version of their manuscript reached out for a cup of water, only to find that the cup was empty. He removed his thick framed glasses and leaned against the table in displeasure.

“Scram! If you want to stay in the club, then continue doing so. But if you don’t want to be in the club, just resign,” replied the expressionless Tong Lin, who was president of the literary society.

“Ouch, you just hurt my poor heart. Hey President, are you going out with anyone?”

Yang Zhe put his hands over his chest and made a heart sign with his fingers.


“Ugh…” the other club members grumbled in disgust. They stopped their work and complained, “Yang Zhe, if he chooses a partner, he’ll surely look for someone with an attractive face. Do you think you have this trait?”

After hearing everyone’s mountain of criticisms, Yang Ze finally gave up.

The room relaxed considerably after enjoying a bit of drama.

When Gu Jin stepped into the literary society’s club room, the members inside all turned their sights towards the door.

Yang Zhe squinted his all-searching eyes and whistled. He said with a handsome, deep voice, “Who are you looking for, sexy lady?”

Just after he spoke, the student next to him smacked him at the back of his head and scolded, “Are you blind? That’s the vice president.”

Because he was smacked without warning, Yang Zhe didn’t have time to collect himself.

He wanted to retort and say that the woman’s temperament was totally different, but he soon changed his mind once he saw her up close.

Yang Zhe squinted as he scrutinized the newcomer’s appearance. He scratched his head in embarrassment and said with a simple smile, “Looks like the Vice President has arrived. I thought I had seen a goddess.”


At the same time, his stormy heart was flooding a sea of tears as he worried, ‘What do I do? I ended up teasing the dignified and gentle Vice President…I’m definitely giving myself a death sentence!”

Gu Jin didn’t give him a hard time. She went over to their tables and smiled sweetly, “Was that a compliment? Thank you!”

Her smile was just like a spring breeze and a blooming hibiscus; all the young men in the room couldn’t look away.

It wasn’t a strange reaction, since everyone is naturally drawn to beauty based on human instinct.

The cold, handsome Tong Lin tapped his hand on the table and said, “You can take a break and have more rest; after we check over the drafts, we’ll be publishing it by tomorrow.”

He looked up at Gu Jin and continued, “I’ve read all of the manuscripts you sent me. Your writing style seems to have changed this time. Not bad. Both of your works can be published.”

Gu Jin’s eyes widened in surprise.

Han Xing Literature society was founded by the Chinese Department of the Imperial University. After several years of operations, the society is well known throughout the college. The President of the club is the handsome and cold Tong Lin, while the Vice President was Gu Jin.


Based on the original host’s memory, although the two of them were classmates, they were actually quite stiff and indifferent towards each other.

But now, it appears that anyone who sees her can recognize at a glance that her style and countenance had changed. Where was the aloof and distant aura that the original host was famous for?

Gu Jin replied with a smile, “Perhaps reading a number of books recently has affected my writing style.”

Tong Lin nodded.

Reading other books while writing an article can easily affect one’s style of writing. This was quite common.

By the time the group had finished proofreading the manuscript, three hours had already passed. Gu Jin felt as if her mentality had become much younger after spending time with a group of young people filled with dreams, vibrance, and enthusiasm.

She slung her shoulder bag on her back, rubbed her weary eyes, and prepared to head back towards her apartment for a good night’s sleep.

Writing papers really require a lot of mental energy. Since the original host was the vice president of the literary society, it was part of her routine to turn in an article every half a month.


However, the present Gu Jin didn’t have the previous host’s literary and artistic skills. She merely found two long manuscripts within the host’s computer files and polished it up a bit before submitting them; Gu Jin barely got by with these resources.

Fortunately, junior year will be over in about a month.
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