Chapter 20: Invitations

… … …

Gu Jin only needed to complete two more manuscripts for the coming month, before she could finally be freed from all this work.

Otherwise, if she had to do more than this, who knows if all her beautiful hair would turn bald from stress.

Just the thought of wearing natural makeup, wearing elegant clothing, and wearing a dignified ‘lightbulb’ hair bun for six days a week in the next thirty days caused Gu Jin to shiver with displeasure.

As she walked around campus, racking her brains regarding her next writing project, her cell phone suddenly rang.

She checked her cell and discovered it was Shao Chong calling.

Gu Jin raised a brow and hung up, then proceeded to put him on her blacklist.

In a few minutes, her phone vibrated again.

She received two WeChat invites.

When Gu Jin checked who it was from, she thought it was quite amusing; it seems that both of her ‘friends’ came to invite her.

One of the invitations was from Shao Chong, who asked her to go to out to the movies with him tomorrow.

Gu Jin sneered at his invitation and immediately blacklisted his WeChat as well.

This caused her to recall the host’s memories, from the time she dated Shao Chong for two years, to the time when she was married to him for the next four years. Not just movies, anything that a normal couple would have done together was never experienced by the husband and wife.

Now, after he had been ignoring her for the past two days, he suddenly sends her this invitation.

Sure enough, the saying was true: When men are guilty, they push the blame on women.


Meanwhile, the other invitation was sent by Tong Lin.

Gu Jin pondered doubtfully. Tong Lin had never sent her messages before.

【Gu Jin, I’m going to start a magazine, and I wanted to invite you to be part of our team. Would you like to join us?】

Tong Lin wants to start a magazine?

Gosh, I can’t even imagine! Tong Lin never mentioned it before, but now he’s making an ambitious move.

However, when Gu Jin weighed the prospects, she thought she could perhaps consider it.

Of course, under the premises that she didn’t have to write an article as in depth and scholarly as the one she’s working on right now.

According to Father and Mother Gu, the original Gu Jin was too gentle and kind hearted, making her unsuitable to work in a competitive environment. The best arrangement for her would be to remain in school for the next two years after graduation, then become a teacher. This would grant their daughter a more relaxed and comfortable life.

Although the present Gu Jin wanted to live at ease in this world, she couldn’t help but ask herself, ‘Is this the kind of ‘comfortable’ life that I want?’




Gu Jin turned around. A dark, skinny young man was sweating profusely and panting heavily.

“Me?” She looked around, but there was no one else in the vicinity but her.

“Don’t go yet, they wanted me to call you.” Cheng Zhi gasped in exhaustion.

“What for?” Gu Jin stopped and asked as she handed him a towel.

Chen Zhi wiped his sweaty forehead and replied, “Let’s hurry! Just follow me.”

Afterwards, he took Gu Jin’s hand and speedily ran.


Seeing that the youth’s other hand was holding a thick wad of documents from the Student Council, Gu Jin didn’t yell at him for indecent assault.

Instead, she used her own strength to pull her hand away, then took a step back and said with a frown, “Since you’re part of the student council, don’t you think it’s rude to drag someone along instead of explaining things properly?”

“Ah?” Cheng Zhi suddenly realized his impoliteness. He took a deep breath and settled down, before finally explaining, “Well, today, the school is holding a graduation ceremony and had invited many celebrities. One of the girls from the welcoming ceremonial team was injured and couldn’t join us, so I came to took for a replacement for her.”

“Sister, can you please help us?”

Gu Jin had also heard of a big event that was prepared for the graduation ceremony. With so many members from the ceremonial team, how was it possible that they couldn’t find a substitute?

After hesitating for a moment, Gu Jin nodded in agreement. The pair soon hurried towards the large auditorium.

Meanwhile, underneath a tall tree, a man dressed in a casual black outfit observed the pair from a distance. After they entered the auditorium, he pulled out a phone and sent a message.
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