Chapter 3 – Transmigration 3

Chapter 3 – Transmigration (3)
… … …

Gu Jin had no choice but to let things go.

On the day Gu Jin was kidnapped, the sky was clear and cloudless.

The kidnappers demanded that she call her husband for money. At that time, they assumed that she must have been a favored wife with her good looks. However, when she called his phone, what did he say?

“Cheng Xin is supposed to give birth to her child, but it’s been a whole day and night. After I check up on her, I’ll call you back!”

Without waiting for Gu Jin to reply, he quickly hung up.

But he didn’t know that Gu Jin had been pregnant with his child for three months.

She went to the hospital for a pregnancy check-up and wanted to surprise him, but she never thought that on her way to the hospital, she would be kidnapped.


When the 26-year-old Gu Jin returned to her twenties, she didn’t wanted to involve herself ever again with Cheng Xin’s romantic life and friendships, nor did she want to involve herself with Shao Chong.

She simply wished to leave their group and to find a real love just for her–someone she could give her whole heart to and spend a lifetime together.

When she had just returned to her twenties, she was suddenly taken over by another ‘Gu Jin.’

Although Gu Jin (MC) didn’t intentionally take the body for herself, she still felt deep remorse.

She could only do her best to fulfill the original host’s wishes and make up for it.


Just as the original host wanted, Gu Jin planned to stay far away from the female protagonist and have nothing to do with the plot. Then she will find love of her own and live a life that was more comfortable than her previous memory.

In order to prevent the heroine from blacklisting her as someone from the ‘villainous women’ camp, Gu Jin held back her urge to tear up the heroine whenever they met. She could only distance her relationship from Cheng Xin with time.

If she remembered correctly, Cheng Xin and Jing Hao graduated from their university and signed up for a marriage certificate.

After the couple had been married for half a year, Gu Jin received a marriage proposal from Shao Chong and became husband and wife.


Gu Jin was only three months younger than Cheng Xin.

Currently this year, Gu Jin was a junior in her college.

Under Cheng Xin’s intentional or unintentional guidance, the original host had already established a relationship with Shao Chong as boyfriend and girlfriend about a month ago.



Gu Jin picked up her phone and saw that it was Shao Chong calling.

If the original owner was here, she would most likely pick up the call. The original Gu Jin always had the submissive side in their relationship.

Just now…

Gu Jin’s lips raised slightly. She threw the phone on the bed, turned away and picked up her clothes before heading to the bathroom.

Half an hour later, Gu Jin came out of the shower with a bathrobe. Her bare feet left water stains on the floor. Fine droplets of water slid from her hair to her white neck, then caressed her collarbone before disappearing into her alluring whiteness.

No one saw how fascinating and charming she was at the moment with her cold demeanor!

Gu Jin blew on her newly painted red nails before calmly picking up her phone and unlocking the screen: there were three missed calls and a message.

All were from Shao Chong.

【Gu Jin, are angry and refusing to pick up your phone just because I wasn’t able to accompany you!Cheng Xin just called me about you. I’m sorry, I know it’s my fault. I’ve been too busy these days so I couldn’t get away from work. I booked a table at Yuqing Pavilion. The two of you can come to dinner tomorrow and I’ll be there to treat you both! 】

Gu Jin’s sight lingered on the words ‘the two of you’ before responding without a care, “Ok.”

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