Chapter 21: Graduation Ceremony 1

Chapter 21: Graduation Ceremony (1)
… … …

After the Secretary Fang received the news, his nervous heart was finally relieved.

He walked towards the black car that was parked by the roadside and informed the passenger within, “Mr. Mu, everything has been arranged. Miss Gu will definitely be attending the graduation ceremony.”

The automatic door slowly opened, revealing a handsome and beautiful young man sitting inside. His looks were quite imposing; even his sitting posture seemed to emanate his excellent temperament.

The young man listened and casually replied ‘hmm’ in acknowledgement without showing emotion.

Secretary Fang smiled in self deprecation. Everyone else has been telling him not to expect too much change from the boss; if he wanted to see Mr. Mu’s face show more emotion, he’ll have to practice for another hundred years.

The most difficult task for Secretary Fang was being mentally prepared at any given time. If the CEO was in a bad mood, the man could release an overbearing aura, even without speaking.

After looking at the time, the secretary reminded him, “Sir, it’s getting late. The graduation ceremony will soon begin. Should we head to the school now?”

After the assistant spoke, Mr. Mu suddenly smiled; who knows what could be running though his mind. His slender fingers fiddled with a jade bracelet in his hand as he leaned back and ordered, “Let’s go.”

His movements caused the car to shake slightly. The secretary’s heart trembled in fear when he suddenly saw his boss smile.

Secretary Fang climbed onto the front seat and wiped the nonexistent sweat on his forehead. Everytime Mr. Mu laughed like this, it meant that someone had caught his interest. Whoever had the ability to catch this man’s attention, whether it was a blessing or a curse, was definitely someone capable.

The fact that Mr. Mu had him investigate a woman named Gu Jin caused Secretary Fang to feel puzzled.

Mr. Mu was currently 27 years old and had inherited the Mu company three years ago. He never spoke of women for the past few years and he never had a girlfriend. How could the boss suddenly be interested in such a boring, plain woman?

After Mr. Mu discovered that Gu Jin was attending the Imperial College, he straightaway accepted the university’s invitation to hand the awards to outstanding graduates. It was an honor to receive any kind of invitation from Imperial Normal University, which was reputed to be the best college in Z country, but wasn’t Mr. Mu dismissive of the invite before?

Could the boss be attracted to the ‘good wife and mother’ type?


Realizing that he was trying to speculate his employer’s thoughts, Secretary Fang felt chills down his spine and thought to himself: ‘Amitabha, please save me from punishment.’

The truth is, only Mu Mingcheng is aware of his own thoughts.

Going back to a week ago.

Mu Mingcheng had just completed the acquisition of a film and television company, so he went to Yuqing Pavillion to dine with the manager who used to be in charge of that company.

Who would have thought that the manager had impure intentions and wanted to climb onboard the Mu’s large ship. That day, the man called a few women to the room to please Mr. Mu.

Although Mu Mingcheng wasn’t happy with the arrangements, he was also familiar with the hidden rules in business, so he didn’t say anything. But he made sure not to let those women close to him.

However, he never expected his host to be shameless enough to drug him.
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