Chapter 22: Graduation Ceremony 2

Chapter 22: Graduation Ceremony (2)
… … …

That day, Mu Mingcheng was angry because some unknown woman had ‘landed into his embrace’…his defenses were lowered for a moment and he fell for a scheme.

As someone who had been specially trained in the military, ordinary drugs had little effect on him.

But who knows where that trashy manager received the news saying Mr. Mu’s potency as a man was very low. As a result, the manager went crazy enough to purchase a whole package of highly concentrated aphrodisiac from the black market.

Just when Mu Mingcheng felt his body’s unusual changes, he immediately packed up the person in charge and chased him away along with the women.

However, the medicine’s efficacy was too strong. Even though it only touched his lips, its effects were almost immediate, rendering him unsuitable for leaving the room. He relied on his strong willpower and self control and asked his men to send for a doctor in the meantime.

In order to prevent others from seeing him make a fool of himself, Mu Mingcheng drove everyone out of the room.

Everything was still under his control.

While he was struggling to endure, a stranger suddenly entered the room.

A woman.

Years of experience in reconnaissance allowed him to accurately judge that this woman was unexpectedly alert.

The moment he smelled her intoxicating fragrance, Mu Mingcheng recognized her as the woman who fell into his arms earlier that day. His heart was suddenly filled with disgust, but because of the drug’s efficacy, his body felt even more tortured by discomfort.

While tightly holding her waist and feeling her struggle within his arms, he reacted even more strongly.

D*mn it!

But wasn’t the worst part. When he saw her peach-like eyes widen in fright while breathing heavily, for a moment, he actually felt pity for her.


In that short moment, he couldn’t help but sniff her sweet fragrance and lift his hand to touch those warm, soft lips. Mu Mingcheng felt as if he was about to lose control!

As a result, his first encounter to a woman’s softness prompted him to touch her without restraint.

But just then, the cruel woman headbutted his chin and nailed her high heels against his instep.

For someone who had experienced many things in the mission field, this was the first time Mr. Mu had tasted of a woman’s weapon!

But this was not the most painful part. She finally kicked between his legs.

Mu Mingcheng fell to the ground; he only had time to grab on to the jade bracelet on her wrist before watching her slip away.

After that vicious blow, he suspected that the injured important part, which he hadn’t ‘used’ for the past 30 years, would never be of use again!

As soon as he returned to the Mu building, the indignant Mu Mingcheng angrily ordered his men to investigate that woman.

Based on the reports, she was the epitome of a ‘virtuous lady.’ The thin pages were enough to describe how she lived for the past twenty years, but when Mu Mingcheng stared at the words ‘gentle temperament’ and ‘dignified atmosphere,’ he felt for the first time in his life that he didn’t recognize these Chinese characters.


Can these commendatory words describe a murderous woman?


Ever since he left his team, Mu Mingcheng rarely encountered people who made him want to explore.

Gu Jin– I am looking forward to our next meeting!

Mu Mingcheng rubbed the blood jade bracelet between his fingers as he smiled with expectation.
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