Chapter 23: Graduation Ceremony 3

Chapter 23: Graduation Ceremony (3)
… … …

Mu Mingcheng rubbed the blood jade bracelet between his fingers as he smiled with expectation.

Although he looked like a handsome and elegant man of the elite on the surface, he was clearly a demon hiding his sharp fangs underneath.

At 7:30 am, a luxury car with a comfortable interior along with a modified, normal appearance for the exterior, drove into the capital’s Normal University.

The school staff of the Imperial University of China waited by the entrance early in the morning. Once they saw his car, they came forward to greet him. “Mr. Mu, your arrival will truly help our university to flourish!”

Mu Mingcheng stepped off the car in a proper, neat suit, and shook the speaker’s hands with a gentle smile. “Principal, you jest. Just being invited to attend your school’s graduation ceremony is an honor for me.”

Another person came up to him to shake hands. Seeing that the person’s temperament was different from those of the school’s staff, Mu Mingcheng shook his hands and smiled back.

The Principal stood with a confident posture as he proudly led Mu Mingcheng towards the auditorium.

His lips raised to a gloating smile.

Which university in all of Z country had the ability to invite Mu Mingcheng? Although they didn’t know which unlucky dog had managed to attract this dangerous man, at any rate, in the eyes of outsiders, the school had the capability of inviting such a high class guest.

In addition, other celebrities, those who discover that Mu Mingcheng was coming to Normal University, will also appear in order to build connections with him.

This year’s graduation ceremony will be the grandest one held since the college’s founding.

The auditorium was crowded with people who were coming and going, but everything continued to flow in an orderly fashion. The air conditioning helped to cool down the heat within the large hall.

Gu Jin stepped into the auditorium with her 10-cm high heels; she wore a red cheongsam with an exquisitely embroidered white crane.

A group of ladies stood in an orderly row for greeting.


Since ancient times, scholarly families in China had produced generations of beautiful women.

This sentence was still true today. When Gu Jin stepped into the hall and saw the pleasing row of attractive women, her earlier dissatisfaction of being dragged into this ceremony had now dissipated. Gu Jin entered the hall and joined them with an uplifted mood.

Soon enough, the crowd began to settle down and people began to hurry to their seats.

Suddenly, a thunderous applause broke out as the headmaster led a young man wearing glasses towards the podium.

As one of the hostesses, Gu Jin stood at the front row of the hall and caught a glimpse of the special guest. She thought the man seemed a bit familiar.

While she was observing, the principal and his guest settled down and took their seats.

The man lifted his gold-rimmed glasses and swept his gaze accurately at Gu Jin’s direction.

When their eyes met, an idea flashed in Gu Jin’s mind, and she remembered who this man was.

He was that dangerous man that she bumped into at Yu Qing Pavilion’s entrance that day!


She remembered seeing the disgust beneath his fake smile upon their first meeting; at this time, her woman’s sixth sense prompted her to hastily lower her head and avert her gaze.

She didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not, but the man’s eyes seemed to dwell on her for a moment.
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