Chapter 24: Gossip

… … …

The graduation ceremony was as grand and extraordinary as everyone expected, with prominent school leaders and celebrities in attendance.

Even the students who came to watch the ceremony were more attentive than in the past. No one spared a glance at their phones; their attention was cast on the stage.

More precisely, to a man sitting in the center of the platform, who appeared so dazzling that he looked as if he had walked straight out of a comic book

Numerous female students couldn’t help but stare.

When the ceremony began, the headmaster gave a lengthy opening speech before having the etiquette team continue with the proceedings.

Gu Jin folded her hands in her lap and smiled politely, but in truth, she was listening closely to the other girls as they whispered excitedly about the man on stage.

“He’s so handsome!”

“He even wears glasses, and he has that elegant and restrained temperament of a high class man!”

“Do you think he has abs?”

“Tsk, what do you think? He looks slim with clothes on but if you take them off I bet he’s a stud.”

Gu Jin suddenly thought of the steel-hard chest that could be hidden underneath those clothes and gave an inward nod of approval.

The girls, not knowing they were being overheard, took their discussion in a direction that was not polite to describe in good company.

Gu Jun chuckled at these spring-hearted girls then returned her focus back to the stage.

Indeed, with the man’s remarkable physique and confident posture that was as straight as a tree, it was no wonder he stood out amongst the crowd of beer bellies.


Needless to say he was a fine male specimen with an outstanding appearance and a powerful aura.

However, none of this had anything to do with her.

“Hey, is he really that guy?”

While Gu Jin was lost in thought, somebody accidentally bumped into her arm.

“Ah? What?” she said in confusion.

The person who bumped into her was another hostess who was part of the greeting ceremony. Her eyes shone and her cheeks were flushed as she yelled excitedly, “Mu Mingcheng!”

“Mu Mingcheng?” Gu Jin said. For some reason this name sounded a little familiar.

“It’s the man sitting in the middle,” the girl explained as she looked at Gu Jin incredulously. “Even you should know of him, he’s the legendary CEO of the Mu Company.”

The girl then gave her a once-over and eyed her suspiciously. “Are you new to the etiquette team? Why haven’t I seen you before?”


It was unusual for the etiquette team to recruit someone under 1.6 meters, but Gu Jin’s face was three points prettier than their captain.

“Yes,” Gu Jin replied, wanting to avoid clearing up this confusion. The girl’s question added more to her headaches and she didn’t want to waste time explaining, so she simply lied and said, “I just came in a few days ago so it’s normal if you don’t recognize me.”

However, Gu Jin’s smile was very stiff.

The girl didn’t think too deeply about her response. She simply patted Gu Jin’s arm and said, “Don’t be nervous. Just follow me later and you’ll get used to more activities in the future.”
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