Chapter 25: Hidden Card

… … …

Gu Jin nodded and looked at the man on stage.

Mu Mingcheng, Mu Mingcheng.

She finally remembered!

Mu Mingcheng, a man who rarely appeared in the novel, was mostly someone mentioned from the heroine Cheng Xin’s flashbacks. His role was mainly to arouse jealousy from the male lead and punishing the heroine with all kinds of humiliation.

Anyone who sees his appearance might describe him as a gentleman who was bright like the clear moon and charming like the clear wind; for someone who appeared as noble and as gentle as him, hearing anyone say that Mu Mingcheng would go on to humiliate someone in that way might sound blasphemous.

However, people shouldn’t be judged just by their looks.

When Cheng Xin was sixteen years old, she was much more rebellious and arrogant than she was today. At that young age, she was the apple of everyone’s eyes.

At that time, a classmate of hers was about to celebrate his birthday, and he just happened to be her secret crush.

Cheng Xin made an appointment along with her fellow students to attend his party at the bar that evening.

However, that same day she got into a quarrel with her family, fired the driver, and went to the bar by herself. By the time she arrived, the party was already over.

The bar’s customers were a dangerous mix of hidden dragons and snakes. When they saw a rare beauty like her walk in alone, the group of men took the initiative to come up and to talk to her.

They simply started a conversation, but soon the newcomer found herself being pressured. Cheng Xin was an underaged girl who was well protected by her family all year round; how could she cope with this sticky situation?

Many questionable things happen like this in the bar, but nobody ever bothers to stop them from happening. After all, which proper girl would go out to the bar alone at night?

For the first time, Cheng Xin knew what fear and regret meant. Her cries for help disappeared under the claws of several disgusting men.


At this time of desperation, the appearance of a certain man was just like a god who had descended from the heavens.

That person was Mu Mingcheng.

On that same day, he was carrying out his mission to help the police guard an international criminal who had just been brought to justice, all while preventing any discord from happening at the bar.

In this situation, fulfilling his duties as an officer prompted him to save the female protagonist.

For him, it was merely a trivial matter, but for Cheng Xin, the tall and handsome man was her only strand of hope that saved her from the clutches of demons. She was like a girl infatuated with her first love as she thought of him.

In contrast, the birthday boy that she had a secret crush on was like a small green onion or even a weak chicken when compared to Mu Mingcheng.

A hero who rescued the beauty; Mu Mingcheng became the bright moon that lighted up the female protagonist’s dark world.

In the original novel, the female protagonist would often mention his name to the male lead, and then the plot would move on predictably from there:

Almost every time the female lead is upset, the male lead would feel pleased. But then the female lead would mention Mu Mingcheng’s name, causing her partner to feel jealous; afterwards, the two protagonists would quarrel a bit more while deepening their bonds with each other at the same time.
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