Chapter 26: Presenting the Awards

… … …

As Gu Jin recalled these details, she gave a meaningful glance at Mu Ming Cheng.

It was him.

Perhaps her curious gaze was so obvious that it caused the man to inadvertently look in her direction. He adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses and the corner of his mouth twitched upward.

Gu Jin saw his faint smile but didn’t dare act surprised.

She recalled a few chapters in the novel that described Mu Mingcheng’s background as a side character in the shadows.

He was the king who had fought and survived in the world’s most dangerous YM tropical forest, with hands stained in unknowable amounts of blood. This man certainly was one of the deepest hidden cards in the country’s hand.

Few people knew of his true identity, though now he was discharged from his military service and had returned home. With his family’s backing from his mother’s side, coupled with his tough and cruel means of doing business, Mu Mingcheng was able to successfully grow his business through rain and storm.

“Walk quickly.” Gu Jin felt her arm being pulled along as the etiquette hostess reminded her: “We should be presenting the award.”

She shook herself from her thoughts and strode up to the podium where the honorees were seated.

Coincidentally, she ended up being paired with Mu Mingcheng.

As she approached him, Gu Jin’s legs and stomach threatened to tremble rebelliously, but she walked gracefully to hand the certificate to him.

Standing in the center of the platform, Mu Mingcheng softly gave a few words to the school leaders next to him, causing them to admire him.

He didn’t actually care for them. Instead, his gaze was focused on the approaching woman’s swaying figure.

The gorgeous red cheongsam skimmed her perfect waistline. As she walked, her slender white legs were revealed from the slits of the dress on either side.


Mu Mingcheng had to admit that this was a very beautiful woman.

And when he looked down, he saw her white, delicate feet, he recalled those hateful high heels that nailed on his instep!

Painful memories welled up inside him, and Mu Mingcheng’s face turned blue.

Whether it was a second or a century, Gu Jin never felt that time was so difficult as the man slowly accepted the certificate.

“Ah,” Gu Jin whispered. The sudden ticklish sensation on her palm made her jerk back her hand quickly, almost drawing attention from the others.

H- he, …he was teasing her!

Anger rose from her heart, and she looked up and glared at the tall figure.

Her nervousness suddenly disappeared and her legs no longer trembled from anxiety.

She was ready to make a move with her high heels.


If they weren’t at an award ceremony on stage in front of everyone, she would have made sure that this person couldn’t continue living as a man.

So what if he’s a president of a company? And what if he’s dangerous? This kind of scum that takes advantage of women should be reprimanded.

Gu Jin was about to aim for him with her high heels, but she soon stopped herself midair and retracted her feet.

Upon seeing this, Mu Mingcheng snorted and silently rubbed his fingertips.

Although she held stopped herself in time, he had seen her subtle movements clearly.

Sure enough, people don’t change easily.
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