Chapter 27: Looks Can Be Deceiving

… … …

Gu Jin had never tried on 10 cm tall heels in her previous life, but now she had to wear them to fit in with the group of 170 etiquette hostesses.

What was it like to wear them? Of course, one would feel more confident and imposing with heels.

But after having them for on for so long, her ankles eventually began to ache.

Sure enough, one must pay the price to be beautiful.

When all the awards were given, the ceremony was soon wrapped up.

The leading colonel gave the concluding remarks so the etiquette ladies didn’t have any more duties to fulfill.

After conversing with others, Gu Jin decided to head back to the dressing room so she could change her outfit.

“Gu Jin.”

Just when she had walked out of the crowd, she heard someone call to her.

When she look behind, it turned out to be Tong Lin.

Tong was holding a few sheets of paper which appeared to be a manuscript. The young man wore a casual white shirt, black pants, and had an overall neat appearance. He was tall and slender, just like a handsome school prince that walked straight out of a romance novel.

Because Tong Lin was serious in his speech and mannerisms, people would often feel a sense of distance and coldness from him. In most female student’s minds, he was indeed an unreachable male god.

Gu Jin didn’t expect to see him here, but then again, she somehow became an etiquette lady for a day.

She smiled as she asked him, “Oh it’s President Lin, what’s the matter?”


Due to her discomfort with wearing high heels, Gu Jin’s face was slightly pale and her effort to smile inexplicably seemed to evoke compassion from her onlookers.

“I came to give something to my friend,” he said. Tong Lin was surprised to see how pale her face was and he said with a frown, “Why are you here?”

Gu Jin didn’t miss the hint of concern that flashed deep within Tong Lin’s eyes. A warm feeling arose in her heart and she explained to him her reason for being there.

In the novel’s main plot, this person had never made an appearance. According to the former Gu Jin’s memory, she did have a good impression of this man. Moreover, Tong Lin’s handsome features was in line with the present Gu Jin’s taste in men. If she wasn’t experiencing her difficulties right now, she would have been eager to converse with him.

Unfortunately, the pain on her ankles reminded her that she needed to change her shoes right away!

After saying goodbye, she went straight to the dressing room.

Tong Lin’s eyes followed her figure as she disappeared into the distance. He bit his lip when he realized that he had forgotten to ask her what she thought about the magazine he was starting.

When the President’s burning gaze was out of sight, Gu Jin slowed down her pace.

She sighed.


What a pity.


The dressing room was located outside the campus activity center; everyone else was inside the activity center’s auditorium to help out with the graduation ceremony and its guests.

When Gu Jin arrived, there was complete silence all around without a hint of a person’s shadow.

She walked into the dressing room and took out a small backpack before heading to the restroom to wash the makeup off her face.

The water continued to slow from the faucet and the restroom light shone brightly. Gu Jin pulled a paper towel to dab her face before looking up at her reflection in the mirror.

Suddenly, she was stunned.

The mirror reflected another figure.


He had an attractive and gentle face, with a jade-like elegance that could only be found in a rich young master.

The stranger leaned against the bathroom wall with his arms folded across his chest. His dark green necktie was loosely tied around his neck, revealing a hint of his clavicle and giving him a seductive and sexy appearance.

His dark suit jacket was slung over his arm and the sleeves of his white collared shirt was folded up three points to reveal his smooth, flowing muscles underneath.

Underneath his gold rimmed glasses were his dark colored pupils that were as deep as an abyss.

Those pair of eyes continued to gaze at Gu Jin’s reflection quietly..

The words ‘charming’ and ‘romantic’ could thoroughly describe this man’s looks.

Sure enough, appearances can be deceiving.

“Mr. Mu?” Gu Jin suddenly turned around as she called out his name doubtfully.


If one were to listen carefully, they would notice that the man gritted his teeth in annoyance but in an almost undetectable manner.

Just who was Mu Mingcheng?

When it came to disguise, his qualifications based on his previous profession would have placed him as a master of camouflage among his peers.

Mu Mingcheng lowered his eyes and remained silent as he carelessly played with an item in his palm.

Gu Jin’s expression suddenly changed.

The precious jade bracelet she had lost was in his hands!
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