Chapter 28: Debts to be Repaid

… … …

When she returned home to her family that night, Gu Jin confessed to her mother, Li Mingxia about the loss of her jade bracelet.

Li Mingxia understood the situation and did not blame her. Instead, she chastised Gu Jin for not telling the family immediately after it happened.

Although the heirloom left by her mother was lost, her daughter’s safety was more important.

Ensuring her child’s well-being was what gave this mother peace of mind.

However, for the current Gu Jin, Li Mingxia’s comforting words made her feel even more guilty.

Knowing that she had taken over the true daughter’s body while also losing the Gu family’s heirloom gave her a heavy conscience.

Despite carrying these sins, the present Gu Jin returned to this home.

Before she could even repay the former host for receiving this physical body, she had lost the heirloom and had become a greater sinner. Gu Jin was angry with herself, but she did not lose her mind.

Gu Jin said with a false smile: “Mr. Mu’s bracelet looks familiar, where did it come from?”

Mu Mingcheng glanced at her, his whole body conveying a sense of solitude. He did not answer Gu Jin’s question and lazily called, “Miss Gu Jin?”

He investigated her!

But with his wealth, it wasn’t impossible for him to find out her name.

Gu Jin’s eyes flashed slyly as she said with a smile, “Mr. Mu, who would have thought a day would come where you would remember the name of a mere etiquette lady.” She played with her ID card that hung on her neck.

Mu Mingcheng’s eyes glinted dangerously and his lips raised to a smile. He said meaningfully, “Miss Gu is quite agile, how could I easily forget you?”

This scum!

Gu Jin mentally spat at him but didn’t let it show on the surface. She said politely, “Mr. Mu, it doesn’t matter. I have a jade bracelet that looks just like yours. I wonder if I can borrow it?”

Of course, knowing his true nature, Gu Jin did not expect him to agree, and they both knew it.

“You can.”

Unexpectedly, Mu Mingcheng readily agreed. He straightened up and held out his palm to reveal the bracelet.

Gu Jin hesitated for a moment as she waited for him hand it to her. However, unable to bear the psychological pressure any longer, she preferred offending this pervert by snatching the jewelry out of his hands.

Gu Jin quickly reached for the bracelet.

But the moment she touched the jewelry, Mu Mingcheng pulled his hand away and swiftly brought it to Gu Jin’s waist. He clamped her arm in his other hand, buried his head by her neck and whispered with a low voice: “Has Miss Gu forgotten what she has done?”

His voice became softer, as if he was speaking to a lover. Mu Mingcheng whispered in her ear, “I am a vengeful man. The mark left by Miss Gu’s high heels on that day was not light.”

“Don’t forget Mr. Mu, you attacked me first.” Gu Jin said coldly.

She could feel his body heat through his thin shirt.

Gu Jin struggled within his embrace. After she had removed her makeup, her face appeared more fair and tender; the blush on her cheeks was more apparent and her eyes were slightly teary.

This is crazy!

Gu Jin lifted her foot then stamped down quickly.

This time, she did not succeed.

Do you think I’d fall for the same trick twice? Mu Mingcheng expected her retaliation and quickly evaded the attack.

He pinned Gu Jin to the wall and clamped her legs with his knees so she couldn’t move.

Unlike Gu Jin’s outrage, Mu Mingcheng inhaled the sweet scent of this long-lost girl.

He was excited to see a cat with its claws out.

Gu Jin turned her head in disgust and looked away.

All of a sudden, a wave of pain overcame her lower abdomen and her legs trembled with weakness.

This sharp pain hit Gu Jin like thunder, causing her strength to ebb away.


Her relatives came to visit!

(**T/N: ‘Relatives visiting’ or an ‘Aunt coming to visit’ is a Chinese idiom for a woman’s menstruation arriving)
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