Chapter 29: Painful as a Knife

… … …

In her previous life, Gu Jin often heard her female friends complain of severely painful menstrual cramps.

“It hurts so much, it’s unbearable…”

“It feels like a strong man punches your abdomen with a heavy fist…”

“The pain is so sharp! Just like a dull knife piercing through your flesh…”

Whenever she heard them complain, Gu Jin thought they were exaggerating. In her personal experience, she would often feel a slight ache during the first two days of her menstruation, then afterwards there was no longer any pain. In the end, Gu Jin couldn’t relate to any of her friend’s stories.

But now, she had the chance to personally experience it herself!

Gu Jin knitted her brows and gritted her teeth as she bore the pain. Her face quickly turned pale and a thin layer of sweat precipitated at the tip of her small, exquisite nose. Her blue veins began to swell visibly underneath her pale skin and her knees shivered weakly against the man’s thighs.

Waves of pain pounded upon Gu Jin’s sensitive nerves like a tidal wave, causing her to almost faint from dizziness.

This was her mistake.

The original host was a quiet girl who didn’t enjoy playing sports; her physical fitness was in worse shape that what the current Gu Jin was used to. Even this current body’s rhythm in having a menstrual cycle has always been erratic, so one could never predict when it would arrive. That was why the former host always prepared a hot pack and a bottle of warm water just in case her period comes unexpectedly. At times, the pain was so serious that she had to resort to taking a few painkillers.

However, the current Gu Jin who crossed over to this world is now going through this agony for the first time. Such torture seemed to suck half the life out of her.

If possible, she wished she could hug her former friends in that past life and apologize to them for not understanding.

Mu Mingcheng reached out to brush a stray strand of Gu Jin’s hair behind her ear. The corner of his lips lifted to a content smile as he savored the soft fragrance and warmth of the woman within his arms.

Since the first time he laid eyes on her, Mu Mingcheng knew that she had an attractive face and an alluring figure. Her temperament was also not as boring as the bookish woman described in her investigation report. After all, anyone who was able to sense his dangerous nature at first glance was no ordinary person.


Since she was still wearing her traditional Chinese cheongsam, and he couldn’t look away from her well endowed, tall peaks. The woman’s tiny waist struggled against his grasp, and her slender thighs were slightly exposed through her dress’ slits.

The contrast between hard and soft seemed to put Mu Mingcheng in a daze.

The depths of his eyes darkened and his breath became hot; it seemed that this situation was going a little beyond his self control.

Mu Mingcheng was the type of person who never liked to inconvenience himself. Due to psychological reasons, he chose to join the army while avoiding relationships with any women.

This time, he actually managed to meet a rare woman who could catch his interest, so why not give it a try?

Feeling as if his heartstrings were being tugged, Mu Mingcheng reached out for Gu Jin’s white ear lobe and pinched it.

Under the dim light, the woman’s small earlobe seemed to reflect the light afterglow of the setting sun, making her appear delicate and tender.

Seeing such a tempting sight, his Adam’s Apple moved and his mouth felt dry. He really wanted to taste this delicacy.

But he was destined to be disappointed.


When Mu Mingcheng felt the woman’s resistance diminish within his arms, he secretly praised Gu Jin for doing exactly that which would make him regain his senses.

It seemed that her condition wasn’t as good as she first appeared. As he leaned over, the woman shivered more intensely and her temperature was unusually cold.

Her originally ruddy lip had turned pale, making her look more pitiful.
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