Chapter 30: Relatives

… … …

Suddenly Mu Mingcheng’s mood dropped below freezing point. Was he that difficult to accept?

He reluctantly retreated a little and no longer pinned her down with his weight. The man asked with a frown, “What happened to you?”

How did this woman’s physical condition suddenly become so poor when he had yet to exact his revenge! Just a while a few days ago within that dim room, the girl’s strike against him was swift and skillful, without a trace of weakness.

Before Gu Jin could slip in unconsciousness, the sound of a man’s voice gradually pulled her back to her senses. She woke up to a sharp aching pain in her lower abdomen.

Gu Jin resisted to urge to groan in pain, then faintly stared at the firm arms that held her steady before shifting her gaze to the handsome man.

Such a face was truly alluring, but a beautiful appearance could not arouse her interest if whoever owned it was a devil.

‘Maybe she’s in pain,’ Mu Mingcheng thought.

Meanwhile, when Gu Ji heard his earlier question, she knew that he was confused with her situation. Even in her original world, most men weren’t good at surmising the difficulties of women. She sneered and reprimanded him sharply, “My relatives are here. Would you mind letting go of me first?”

“Your relatives?” Mu Mingcheng didn’t bother to budge, and instead, his meaningful smile deepened. “Is Miss Gu treating me as a fool?”


Gu Jin rolled her eyes at him when suddenly, she felt pressure in her lower abdomen.

Gu Jin froze.

This familiar sensation…

The situation didn’t allow her any time to throw a tantrum. Instead, she could only close her eyes, swallow her embarrassment, and say through gritted teeth, “Believe it or not, I’m on my holiday (例假).”**


(T/N: these chinese characters 例假 both mean a girl’s ‘menstruation’ AND a ‘holiday/vacation’ so the man has to interpret which one she’s talking about)

Mu Mingcheng wasn’t familiar with the phrase ‘relatives came to visit’ but when it comes to a girl’s ‘holiday,’ any normal man would know what it means.

Mu Mingcheng didn’t expect the word ‘relative’ to refer to this. His body turned stiff and his face darkened. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Although he used a scolding tone, there was a tinge of warmth beneath his words and his mood had improved.

Gu Jin looked up at him as if he had lost his mind.

Did he not understand me and actually believed that her menstruation = an actual legal holiday?

Mu Mingcheng avoided her disbelieving eyes as he loosened his embrace and rubbed his nose


Gu Jin struggled walking with her high heels, but she could only endure her pain as she supported herself on her way to the dressing room.


She vowed to never again wear any heels higher than six centimeters in her life!

The small backpack she left in the locker room carried a spare feminine pad that she habitually carried with her just in case.

After tidying up her clothes and calming down her sour mood, Gu Jin finally walked out of the dressing room.

Sure enough, Mu Mingcheng still hadn’t left the place.

Just when she had stepped out of the building, the man turned around and their eyes met. The atmosphere felt embarrassing for a moment.

“Mr. Mu, let’s be frank.” Gu Jin slung her backpack on her shoulder and suddenly looked up at him with a smile. Her pale face was as attractive as a fresh spring blossom, as she continued on to say, “A man as outstanding as Mr. Mu must have met countless wealthy people along with many kinds of riches; I’m afraid that my cheap jade bracelet isn’t worthy of your eyes.”

Mu Mingcheng was surprised once again at how calmly she composed herself, but this only provoked his interest even further. A smart woman could trigger a stronger sense of conquest for a man. His eyes flashed underneath his golden spectacles as he waited to see what else she had to say.
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