Chapter 4 – Her ‘Boyfriend’ 1

Chapter 4 – Her ‘Boyfriend’ (1)
… … …

After ten o’clock, the sun had risen high in the heavens. Gu Jin woke up that morning and groaned.

She stretched her body, revealing a beautiful waist that was as white as jade underneath her nightdress.

The bathroom was filled with splashing sounds for a while. Gu Jin took out a face towel and wiped her face clean before staring at her reflection in the mirror.

Perhaps because the soul had changed, the body’s originally pallid skin had unexpectedly began to show a more striking complexion.

In all fairness, Gu Jin’s appearance wasn’t ugly at all; she could even be considered a beauty. When she didn’t apply makeup, her facial skin was white and tender. She also had a pair of passionate, peach eyes that expressed her hope for the future; this determined gaze added to her allure.

Coupled with the quiet and gentle dignity of the original host, the powerful contrast between softness and allure was like a hibiscus flower that bloomed in the morning mist.

Definitely a seductive man killer.

Unfortunately, because the original host was too dignified and restrained, she was overshadowed by Cheng Xin whose warm personality was as charming as a rose. This caused people to easily ignore the former Gu Jin.

The woman’s reflection in the mirror raised a brow; Gu Jin was not interested in being a foil in someone else’s romance. Shao Chong wasn’t destined to be hers, so she preferred to remain as a spectator.

Yesterday, her boyfriend, Shao Chong, set up an appointment for dinner. Gu Jin stood in front of the closet and began to choose what clothes she would wear that night. Although she didn’t want to meet up with this unfaithful partner, she still had to deal with him for the time being.

Her gaze wandered over to the pile of old-fashioned clothes that hung to one side. Finally, Gu Jin chose an exquisite black dress that she bought the day before.

She couldn’t stand wearing such outdated clothes, but she didn’t dare to change her current fashion too much from the host’s style in case she drew in suspicion.

Gu Jin skillfully applied her makeup; she also shaded the corners of her eyes in order to imitate original host’s style.

In her previous life, Gu Jin’s height was around 170 cm (5’7 ft.); in order not to hurt other men’s self-esteem, she rarely wore high heels in the past. Now that her height was 165 cm, Gu Jin was delighted to be able to wear high heels.


Around 11:30, Gu Jin walked out of the apartment with a purse in hand. She spotted a low key Audi parked outside the building, as well as a man in white pants standing by the car with his hands in his pockets.

“I’m sorry for making you wait for so long,” Gu Jin said apologetically after arriving at his side. She had an appointment to meet with him downstairs by eleven o’clock but she accidentally overslept and missed the time.

“It’s nothing, I also just arrived.” Shao Chong waved his hand and spoke to her in a very gentle tone. “And it’s natural for girls to need more time to do their makeup.”

This graceful girl standing before him seemed to emanate a pure, fresh fragrance. Feeling slightly overcome, Shao Chong’s eye widened with surprise. Today’s Gu Jin was somewhat different, but he could hardly say where she differed. He hesitated before calling out, “Gu Jin?”

“Yes?” Gu Jin looked at the slight perspiration on his forehead. She smiled gently and said with a soft voice, “What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing.” Shao Chong’s ears felt hot for no reason. Because of his guilty conscience, he unconsciously averted his eyes to avoid this woman’s affectionate gaze. Finally, he glanced back at her and frowned. “Didn’t I invite you both to dinner? Why did you come alone, what about Cheng Xin?”

“Cheng Xin…Jing Hao picked her up yesterday,” Gu Jin looked into Shao Chong’s eyes and smiled. “She didn’t come home last night so she left a message saying that we should head over to Yuqing Pavilion first. Jing Hao will take her to meet up with us later.”

‘Didn’t come home last night.’ Thinking of what this could imply, Shao Chong’s face paled for a moment. He barely managed to pull off a smile and said, “Jing Hao also came? That’s great! Alright, let’s go.”
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