Chapter 31: Trial Relationship

… … …

“It was my mistake for offending Mr. Mu without knowing who you were, and you had the right to be angry,” Gu Jin said as her long lashes fluttered. “But that bracelet is very important to me. Is Mr. Mu willing to return it?”

Although the young woman’s face was pale, her lips were raised to a pleasant smile; this appearance could easily evoke pity from any man.

But she was not your average woman.

“Oh? Then tell me, under what conditions?” Mu Mingcheng laughed in reply. Naturally, he had investigated the bracelet’s origins and knew of its significance to Gu Jin.

Mu Mingcheng removed his glasses, finally revealing his alluring, sharp and upturned eyes underneath. He raised Gu Jin’s chin as he bowed his head to a dangerously close distance from her soft lips.

“But what should I do if I’m only interested in Miss Gu?”

“Well?” The man’s voice was deep and seductive.

Gu Jin turned her chin away from his grasp and replied, “What does Mr. Mu mean?”

“What I mean is, I want Miss Gu to be my girlfriend.” He rubbed his fingertips with satisfaction.

“Mr. Mu’s thinks of me too highly; your position isn’t something I can afford to climb,” Gu Jin said jokingly. She stepped back before saying, “Besides, I already have a boyfriend!”

I’m sorry Shao Chong, but I’ll be redirecting his knife towards you for the time being. Gu Jin didn’t feel any guilt at all for doing so.

But Mu Mingcheng didn’t care for her reply and said, “But if Miss Gu’s feelings for her ‘ex-boyfriend’ aren’t so deep?”

Gu Jin was caught by surprise; she had never mentioned to anyone about her breakup with him. And based on Shao Chong’s personality, he wasn’t the type to publicize such a happening.

And yet this man knows of it!


Gu Jin’s eyes glinted as numerous calculations flitted through her mind. She smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll cooperate with you.”

Naturally, she wasn’t so narcissistic as to believe that the female protagonist’s shining moonlight was in love with her, nor did she ignore the pressure from Mu Mingcheng’s words.

Since this overbearing President wants to play a game with her, she will oblige him.

“However,” Gu Jin said calmly, “Mr. Mu should give a trial period before we start this ‘unfair’ relationship.”

“Three months,” Mu Mingcheng quickly replied. He was satisfied with making her acquaintance, but he also felt a bit uncomfortable for rushing her into a relationship with him.

He believe that the issue lay with his mind. Three months should be enough for him to enjoy her company until he finally loses interest in her. And getting together for only that short period would save him a lot of time and money.

Gu Jin also relaxed.

Although she unexpectedly met the enemy at a narrow bridge, the winner was yet to be known!

Gu Jin’s smile deepened.



After the graduation ceremony concluded, the audiences began to return home.

Gu Jin moved slowly through the crowd as she struggled to walked through. Suddenly, she felt her entire body being lifted up. “Wait, what are you doing? Put me down quickly!”

After Mu Mingcheng lifted her with his powerful arms, he also made sure to cover her body with his suit jacket. The man scolded her in reply, “I won’t.”

Such a tyrant!

Gu Jin silently pulled his jacket to cover her face in embarrassment.

She wouldn’t dare show her face to the passing crowd.
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