Chapter 32: Wrong Medicine

… … …

The evening was beautiful when the street lights came on.

The car stopped by the apartment stairs, but when Gu Jin pushed the door to leave she found that it was locked.

“Mr. Mu,” Gu Jin said cautiously, looking to the man on her left and finding him staring straight ahead. “We’ve arrived at my place.”

“Yeah.” Mu Mingcheng kept his hands on the steering wheel, his eyes drifting, seemingly thinking about something important.

“Your car door…” Gu Jin said more clearly.

He then turned his head and suddenly held out his hand: “Give me your phone.”

“Ah?” Gu Jin said in confusion.

“Give me your phone,” he urged.

Gu Jin squeezed her purse and watched him apprehensively. “Mr. Mu, although we are boyfriend and girlfriend, we should still have our privacy, right?”

If he could not guarantee that, she would rather bear the psychological burden.

“You think too much,” Mu Mingcheng said and suddenly looked at her with a kind smile. “If I wanted to breach your privacy, do you think using your phone is the only way?”

Although his words were reasonable, Gu Jin still hesitated.

“You know what I think,” Mu Mingcheng held the steering wheel with one hand while his other hand held onto Gu Jin’s seat. She could feel his warm breath on her face and his tone turned dangerous. “About breaking into your privacy, I think you must be hoping that I take the initiative.”

Gu Jin seriously doubted his character…was this really the hidden card of the novel and the white moonlight of the female protagonist?


He must have taken the wrong medicine.

She casually pulled out her phone, which had a pink, girlish exterior.

Mu Mingcheng took the phone, flipped it in his hand, then gave her an amused look as if to say, You still use pink things?

Gu Jin’s glared at him angrily, her fumes of annoyance almost visible. Can she not be a little princess too?

There was a buzzing sound, then Mu Mingcheng languidly handed back her phone. “That’s my phone number. Keep it and remember to contact me often.”

Gu Jin nodded absent-mindedly.

However, Mu Mingcheng was not satisfied with her attitude and said in a threatening voice: “Don’t forget, if I am satisfied with your performance within three months then I will give back your bracelet.”

“Yes, yes, you can be assured.” Gu Jin was did not care to listen to him on this matter, but turned on the charm and flattery. “I am sure you will be satisfied.”

“Oh?” Mu Mingcheng chuckled, pulling her soft, white hands into his palms as if to look at the world’s most beautiful work of art.


He smiled and pulled her hand to his lips, staring at Gu Jin’s face, then pressed a soft kiss to it.

She felt her as if her body was tormented and her cool palms started to sweat. She couldn’t help but say, “I haven’t washed my hands…”

Mu Mingcheng’s expression went slack for a moment, then his mouth twitched and he immediately dropped her hand.

Before Gu Jin could smile gloatingly, the black suit jacket that was used to cover her up earlier was suddenly tossed onto her lap.

Mu Mingcheng had already composed himself and continued on to say, “Since you dirtied this suit, you should wash it,” he said softly.

Gu Jin clutched the delicate fabric of the suit and resisted the urge to wipe her hands all over it. She gave him a smile and got out of the car.
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