Chapter 33: Unfaithful

… …. …

Her foot was barely on the first step when Mu Mincheng call out behind her, “Baby~”

Gu Jin froze in disbelief. Was she imagining things?

She turned around and saw Mu Mingcheng’s Head sticking out the window. He blew a kiss to her and affectionately said, “Baby, I’m not in a hurry to wear those clothes, so get a good rest before you go and wash the suit. Also, remember to call me later.”

Not waiting for her to react, he drove off in a cloud of exhaust fumes.

Gu Jin was stunned at his quick departure and wondered if he dropped her off at the wrong place.

A security guard walked from around the corner of the apartment building and came up to her. He said with a sigh, “The world sure is changing; public morals are declining everyday.”

He shook his head as he walked by. “Well, beautiful young lady, how would you like to pedal two boats? Whether you romance one or two of them, those men in big cars are all the same…The world of rich people, tsk!”

Gu Jin: “…Brother, don’t go. Are you perhaps misunderstanding something about me?”

She climbed the stairs angrily. Did Mu Mingcheng get sick and lose his mind?

The big-tailed wolf was affectionate, sickeningly sappy yet refined, and her little heart couldn’t stand it.

Mu Mingcheng couldn’t think like that, break through psychological barriers, call her name, and ignore her???

Mu Mingcheng never would have imagined that trying to break out of his comfort zone and calling to her affectionately would cause her dislike.

The car drove away from the community and stopped by the side of the road. He lay on the steering wheel and covered his face in despair. There was no evil charm on his face, only exhaustion and embarrassment.

He felt he had gone crazy for flirting with his “contract lover” like a little boy.


The point was that he wasn’t reluctant about it when it happened.

He called her his “baby”, despite being a grown adult himself. In the end, Mu Mingcheng couldn’t help but feel a little shy.

… … …

Gu Jin opened the apartment door as she gathered the suit in her arms, then saw the new women’s clothes on the clothes rack and raised her eyebrows.

Ever since sharing a dinner at Yuqing Pavilion, Jing Hao came to take Cheng Xin away with him, and Cheng Xin never returned to the apartment til now.

As a result, Gu Jin lived in this apartment alone. She thought that the simplest plan would be to wait until the last month of junior year when there were almost no classes, then she would go rent a house.

Away from that annoying couple, which is perfect!

Unexpectedly, Cheng Xin returned unhappily. They had no contact for several days, and Gu Jin rarely had any time off.

Cheng Xin was wearing a pair of powder slippers as she walked over from the balcony. She gave Gu Jin a complicated expression. “Gu Jin, who is that man?”


“As you can see, he’s the new boyfriend,” Gu Jin said nonchalantly, not blinking.

“Gu Jin, I’m sorry for ignoring you the past several days because of Jing Hao.” Cheng Xin was surprised by her straightforwardness, but the next moment her expression turned to guilt.

She came up to Gu Jin and pulled at her arm earnestly. “But you have Shao Chong with you.”

Cheng Xin pointed at the men’s suits in her arms and said sadly, “How can you…how can you be so unfaithful?”
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