Chapter 34: He Cares About You

… … …

Gu Jin’s eyes widened in surprise. Of all people, why would Cheng Xin speak so self-righteously about being ‘faithful’? This was simply ridiculous.

She lowered her eyes and suddenly smiled. “You didn’t know? That I broke up with Shao Chong?”

“Broke up?” Cheng Xin repeated. “How did you break up? Did Shao Chong did something wrong to you?”

Cheng Xin angrily said: “Well Shao Chong, how dare you bully my best sister. Gu Jin, you wait, I’ll bring Jing Hao with me to go teach that guy a good lesson!”

“It’s not his fault,” Gu Jin explained. “I was the one who broke up with him.”

Just when Cheng Xin was about to make a phone call, she suddenly paused in disbelief at what she heard. “How can…you were the one that…”

She knew Gu Jin’s temper and how much she liked Shao Chong.

While she did had not confirmed her relationship with Jing Hao, every time they went out with a group of people Gu Jin would always look at Shao Chong and quietly blush.

Cheng Xin had never met a girl as reserved and gentle as Gu Jin.

So after she rejected Shao Chong, she helped to put the couple get together.

To her, Gu Jin and Shao Chong were two very kind people who would definitely have a happy life together.

But now Gu Jin was telling her that she gave up Shao Chong, and Cheng Xin could not understand.

“That’s because person he likes is not me!” Gu Jin said openly. “Mom told me that I shouldn’t find a man who doesn’t like me so that my future won’t become a tragedy.”

Cheng Xin opened her mouth and but found herself speechless. She couldn’t bring herself to admit that the person Shao Chong liked all along was her.


“Well, you can’t just find another man and be together right away,” she muttered after a long pause.

Gu Jin raised an eyebrow. “You, don’t know who that man was?”

Cheng Xin wasn’t able to see the new boyfriend’s appearance from such a far distance. She frowned and asked curiously, “Should I know him? Who is he?”

“No one,” Gu Jin assured with a smile. “I’m not feeling well. I’m going to take a bath first, and you should sleep early because there are classes tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” Cheng Xin moved away.

As Gu Jin was about to close the door Cheng Xin couldn’t help but say: “Gu Jin, I think you should reconsider Shao Chong. He has been asking me about you for the past few days.”

She pushed down the slight discomfort in her heart and said, “He cares about you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Gu Jin replied, then closed the door.

Gu Jin took a hot bath, completely exhausted. Later when she lay in bed with a hot-water bottle, she felt bewildered as she thought of the events earlier that day.


He could she agree to Mu Mingcheng’s ridiculous demands?

Was it too late to go back?

It was definitely too late.

Her cellphone chimed with a message from Mu Mingcheng.

“Baby, go to bed early. You don’t have to call me today.”

The term of endearment alarmed Gu Jin and she dropped her phone on the bed. She shuddered as goosebumps prickled on her skin.

She thought for a moment, then picked up her cellphone and changed the name on the contact list to ‘Idiot Tyrant Mu’.
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