Chapter 35: Unknown Caller

… … …

The following day, Gu Jin slept until 11 o’clock at noon; she woke up after hearing her cell phone vibrating constantly.

Her snow-white silken nightdress seemed to have pulled up to her waist while her black hair draped over the pillow like a waterfall. It was quite an alluring scenery.

Gu Jin continued to lay in bed drowsily, then reached into her pillow.

When she pulled out her cell phone, the screen displayed an unrecognizable number.

So she hung up directly.

Yesterday, wearing a pair of ten centimeter high heels for several hours didn’t bother her at all. But after waking up in the middle of the night, she could only feel the terrible aches on her feet.

The pain on her lower abdomen still hadn’t subsided completely.

It must be swollen and tender!

In the middle of the night, Gu Jin opened her medicine box and reached for the active oil, then massaged her abdomen with it for half the night before falling asleep at dawn.

Fortunately, she only had two classes to attend to in the afternoon. Gu Jin didn’t know when the phone would finally stop ringing, and she wanted to sleep.

Who keeps bothering her rest with these multiple phone calls?

At this moment, she simply wanted to fall into a deep sleep, with no one to disturb her exciting dream of playing chess with Zhou Gong.**

(**T/N: “play chess with Zhou Gong” 与周公下棋 refers to the state of being asleep and dreaming blissfully.)

The previous ten phone calls were probably from advertisers selling insurance and other services.


She leaned back on the bed and closed her eyes when the phone rang again. One after the other, urgently insisting.

Gu Jin rubbed at her hair, causing it to look like a chicken nest.


She took a deep breath and sat up to answer her phone.

However, at the end of the other line it was Shao Chong who listened to Gu Jin’s soft, sleep-tinged voice, with a unique seductive raspiness from just waking up.

His heart thumped fast.

His throat became dry, and when Gu Jin was about to hang up the phone impatiently he said, “It’s me.”

Gu Jin felt confusion seep through through her haze of drowsiness.

She looked at her phone and saw it wasn’t Shao Chong’s number. That number was already on her blacklist.


She leaned back on her bed and slowly said, “So, it’s Mr. Shao!”

Mr. Shao?

How could she address him so formally?

Shao Chong frowned, his heart sinking into unhappiness.

He reluctantly pushed down the feeling and with a gentle voice asked, “Have you gotten up yet?”

Gu Jin covered her mouth and yawned. She didn’t want to talk to insensitive scum like him. She said, “Is there anything wrong, Mr. Shao? I’m busy preparing for an exam, so I’ll hang up first.”

“Wait,” he stopped her before she was about to drop the call. He asked hesitantly, “Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

So, you changed your number to keep calling?


Gu Jin rolled her eyes and hesitated: “We broke up, and it’s not a good idea to contact each other. My boyfriend will be jealous.”

Her boyfriend?

Shao Chong had wanted to take the chance to talk to her and invite her to hang out. Gu Jin had been cold to him for a few days, and Cheng Xin was unhappy with him.

Who knew he would hear this astonishing news?

It was only a few days ago that Gu Jin said she wanted to break up with him in the apartment downstairs.
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