Chapter 36: Shao Chong’s Dilemma

… … …

It was only a few days ago that Gu Jin said she wanted to break up with him in the apartment downstairs.

Her expression was serious as she said each word. However, his secret was shamefully exposed and he just wanted to flee the scene.

Later that day, he assumed that her rejection of him was simply a tactic to try attract his attention, so he decided to push aside the problem and forego the effort of trying to coax her.

That’s because Gu Jin’s personality was too reassuring; she was gentle and elegant, adhered to traditional values, and wholeheartedly yearned for love and marriage.

Essentially, one has relationships with people they identify with.

She especially liked Shao Chong.

In this case, if there was such a woman who was wholeheartedly dedicated to you, there was no need to worry about the fire in his backyard, so long as he satisfies her heart’s desires.

Cheng Xin rejected him, and although he likes her, he cannot take the risk of offending the Jing family, so he let her go.

Meanwhile, Gu Jin said she liked him, so why did she take the initiative to break up?

Regardless of family history or personality or appearance, Gu Jin was simply tailored for the role of wealthy family wife and mother.

She was born into a family of scholars, with sensible parents and a younger brother who was arrogant yet talented. Among the hordes of stingray businessmen, Gu Jin had a refined and dazzling presence.

More importantly, Shao Chong’s parents did not know he had a girlfriend. After secretly investigating Gu Jin’s background, they were satisfied with Shao Chong’s once-in-a-lifetime vision.

It can be said that the Shao family treated Gu Jin as the wife of Shao Chong.

Shao Chong naturally doesn’t want to let it go.


“Gu Jin, if you’re not happy with me then I promise to keep my distance from Cheng Xin,” he said through the phone. “But I don’t care about this so-called boyfriend of yours. Whoever he is he better stay away…”

Before he finished talking, Gu Jin hung up.

She repeatedly massaged her temple. How did her past self not see Shao Chong’s potential as a raging emperor?

However, he needed the capability of driving Jing Hao out of the imperial capital in order to break out of his role as a mere supporting male lead!

It was getting late, and after answering the phone Gu Jin felt a little upset. After turning over in bed, she simply went to the kitchen to boil some red fungus porridge.

Gu Jin felt serene and carefree at this time, but Shao Chong was in a state of panic.

He has to meet with Gu Jin.

It was still his company’s working hours, but he picked up his car keys, stood up, and walked outside.

But his abruptness of standing up caused him to feel dizzy for a moment…


Cheng Xin’s class was in the morning. When she arrived back, Gu Jin was eating her porridge.

“Gu Jin, since when can you cook?” She took a spoonful of porridge and put it in her mouth where it slipped down tastily, and she could not help but get a bowl for herself.

“I had nothing to do, so I learned it myself.” Gu Jin smiled.

Gu Jin, like Cheng Xin, grew up spoiled like a pet. With the Gu family’s traditions, even her mother, Li Mingxia never worked in the kitchens. The previous host Gu Jin never had to cook for herself, so the apartment’s kitchen remained as a mere decoration for the past three years.
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