Chapter 37: Jing Pary Invitation

… … …

When the current Gu Jin crossed over, she would buy some ingredients and occasionally cook some porridge.

“It’s amazing,” Cheng Xin said with a bright look in her eyes. She laughed at herself: “I wanted to cook a few dishes for Jing Hao last time, and I almost burned the kitchen down.”

In her opinion, cooking for a loved one was a great accomplishment.

It’s just porridge, isn’t it?

The fact that Cheng Xin looked at her cooking as if she had discovered a new continent caused Gu Jin to almost mistake herself as a Michelin chef.

Perhaps Jing Hao was merely throwing some random words to encourage his girlfriend to cook.

In any case, the male protagonist finally had to swallow a meal of blackened food.

Cheng Xin focused on tidying up her things then prepared to go out. Before she left, she patted her head. “By the way, Gu Jin, Jing Hao’s sister Jing Ruo is back. The Jing family will hold a party in three days. Don’t forget to come and join us.”

“No, I won’t have anything to do with them. It’s better if I don’t go,” Gu Jin refused without any hesitation.

What a joke, she wasn’t planning to be the female protagonist’s advocate against her rival Jing Ruo. Did Cheng Xin want to bring Gu Jin along just so the elegant, plain cousin could form a contrast and make the female protagonist’s own presence shine?

Besides, if Jing Ruo was considered the rival woman within the original book, dealing her would not bring a good outcome. The woman’s attraction to her elder brother, the male protagonist, was bordering obsession.

Gu Jin did not want to provoke such a madman.

“Why would you say that? You are the best sister I have; of course your attendance matters.” Cheng Xin didn’t know what she was thinking. “Just go and help me build my confidence, you don’t know how annoying Jing Hao’s sister is.”

Gu Jin would not budge. Cheng Xin played her trump card and said, “Gu Jin, if you don’t go with me then I’ll tell my aunt.”


“Okay.” Gu Jin rubbed her eyebrows tiredly.

Although Gu’s mother would certainly choose her daughter over her niece, Cheng Xin’s mother was the only relative of her mother’s family. If the last generation of two sisters were to be estranged from each other she would feel horrible.

Gu Jin didn’t want her own mother to feel embarrassed.

Ever since she crossed over to this world, she had tried her best to stay away from the plot. Her relationship with the female protagonist had slowly dwindled, so it’s been a long time since they had hung out together.

However, Cheng Xin’s constant thoughts of Jing Hao caused her to completely miss Gu Jin’s intentions of wanting to keep a distance from her.

But Gu Jin remained optimistic. Anyways, according to the plot’s development, Cheng Xin would soon have no time to spare to bother her.

But this won’t happen until about a year or so, since deep feelings needed to be diluted by time.

At nearly six o’clock, when Gu Jing stepped out of the classroom door, a message came from Mu Mingcheng.

“Wait at the school, I’ll pick you up at the school gate.”


Simple and clear, just like the person.

Gu Jin felt a pang of guilt upon seeing the message. Yesterday, when she arrived home, she threw the suit on a coat rack and called the dry cleaner in the afternoon.

Those kind of expensive clothes could only be washed professional dry cleaners, and she still had to ruin things.

Gu Jin pretended she didn’t see the message and held the off button. The phone beeped and the screen went black.

She held up the umbrella with a satisfied look, and walked out of the school gate.
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