Chapter 38: Shameless Gu Jin

… … …

Gu Jin pretended she didn’t see the message and held down the off button, causing the phone to beep and the screen to turn black.

She held up the umbrella with a satisfied look, and walked out of the school gate.

Class had just finished and the school gate was filled with people and cars.

Gu Jin strolled past, attracting the gazes of those around her.

The capital’s high school had many female students and goddesses aplenty.

Within these contending beauties, Gu Jin confidently faced the crowd without any makeup, and yet her beauty was like a refreshing breeze within this summer of scorching heat, not losing one bit to others.

A few men eyed her, wanting to strike up a conversation.

As soon as they lifted their feet, their plan was dead.

She walked through the school gate without pause and went straight towards a junction.

Meanwhile, a man with a medium height wearing a chic suit, came down from a luxurious car, stood in front of her with respect.

After a few exchange in words, her face paled for an instant, but she immediately recovered and followed the man towards the car.

The car window slowly went down, showing Mu Mingcheng’s handsome face.

He did not wear his glasses today so his unobstructed fierce gaze bore upon Gu Jin’s face.

The man’s chilling gaze was prickly and cold, making his gentle and loving demeanor from the day before seem like an illusion. Gu Jin felt a bit nervous. But as someone who read the novel’s plot, she recognized this side of him as the real Mu Mingcheng.


Towards outsiders, Mu Ming Cheng was gentle, elegant and courteous, but that was simply a cover for his coldness.

She could immediately see that he wasn’t in a good mood. Although she knew the exact reason as to why, her lips still spoke in a surprised tone: “Mr Mu, why did you come to the university again? Did the head of the school invited you once again?”

Mu Ming Cheng looked at her coldly, his lips raised in a mocking smile: “Didn’t I tell you to wait at the school gate so I could pick you up? Where do you think you’re going?”

“Ah?” Gu Jin eyes widened as she continued to act stupid: “When did you say you want to fetch me? I didn’t know ah.”

Seeing his boss stay silent with pursed lips, Assistant Fang sighed and couldn’t help but remind him: “Boss, you had sent the message just now.”

Gu Jin turned and looked at him as she blinked her eyes innocently: “I’m terribly sorry, my phone went dead while I was playing so I didn’t see your message.”

Lies, continue your act!

Mu Mingcheng squinted his red phoenix eyes at her dangerously. He felt he may have underestimated this woman’s fearlessness and shamelessness.

Gu Jin continued to stand outside and smiled without a worry. Her expression displayed complete sincerity.


The man inside the car and the woman outside both displayed smiles as wonderful as a fresh breeze of spring, but assistant Fang couldn’t help but shiver.

After a while, the sun had vanished and the ground continued to emit the leftover heat from the daylight, and yet Gu Jin’s forehead didn’t have a speck of sweat.

The car door opened, causing cool air to blow outwards. Gu Jin didn’t wait for the other’s permission, and immediately closed her umbrella before stepping into the car. She made it seem as if she had unconsciously placed the umbrella right between the two of them.

After she was seated, an arm wrapped around Gu Jin’s waist. The man easily suppressed her struggle and he gently said, “Baby, I won’t argue with you this time, but there won’t be a next time.”
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