Chapter 39: First Date 1

Chapter 39: First Date (1)
…. … … ..
Again she smelled the man’s quiet breath and her heart couldn’t help but tremble slightly. She heard the implied warning but acted calmly as if she didn’t understand.
She also had something to count on.

People like Mu Mingcheng could get their hands on any beauties. She was shackled with a bracelet for three months, but whatever the reason, Gu Jin was certain he would not easily turn against her.

Since it came to this, she just had to occasionally act submissive so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Gu Jin silently nuzzled her face against his tight chest. This wasn’t a bad tradeoff for such luxury, was it?

“What would you like to eat tonight?” Mu Mingcheng asked with a vague smile.

“Anything. I’m not a picky eater.”

Mu Mingcheng looked at her with a spurious smile and said nothing as the car stopped at the gate of Yuqing Pavilion.

Gu Jin’s forehead twitched at seeing the words “Yuqing Pavilion.”

This could be said to be their first date, but the location didn’t leave a good impression on her.

Mu Mingcheng exited the car wearing glasses, and a smart-looking man quickly came up to welcome him.

“Brother Mu, why didn’t you inform us earlier that you were coming?”

The two went to a private room when a baby-faced teenager knocked on the door and came in. He was acquaintance and had recognized Mu Mingcheng’s voice.

“This is?”

The baby-faced Fang Yuan bore a slight smile and swiftly scanned Gu Jin, careful yet courteous.

“My girlfriend, surname Gu,” Mu Mingcheng introduced.


Gu Jin looked at him with a startled expression. Their relationship… being this formal, that can’t be good, right?

“So sorry, sister-in-law,” Fang Yuan apologized.

Gu Jin nodded slightly, feeling like a small animal being protected by Mu Mingcheng.

Fang Yuan couldn‘t help but look at Gu Jin once again; her face seemed a bit familiar.

Isn’t this the girl who came out from Mu Mingcheng’s room? he thought.

How did Mu Mingcheng and her end up in a relationship?

He felt suspicious, but a more urgent matter needed to be attended to.

“Brother Mu, about that other matter. I was not in in the restaurant the other day and security did not do their job. I already fired them. This boss is benevolent so please do not worry about this matter.”

Fang Yuan was the boss of Yuqing Pavilion behind the scenes, and his family wielded authority and power in the capitol. As the youngest he did not need to work for the family. He opened his restaurant not to earn money, but out of sheer boredom and wanting to play.


Surprisingly, it attracted a lot of customers.

This was the reason why his mischievous dealings had gone unpunished.
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