Chapter 40: First Date 2

Chapter 40: First Date (2)
… … …

Karma still struck back. Fang Yuan’s men didn’t do their jobs well which resulted in Mu Mingcheng’s dilemma. Although the aphrodisiac and women weren’t their fault, they should be responsible for what had happened in their restaurant.

Rumors circulated that Mu Mingcheng, under that courteous mask, was a cold-hearted man. Fang Yuan was worried for a few days when the other party did not contact him, and considered whether he should close his restaurant sooner.

The business had been in operation for a few years and he was reluctant to give it up. Could he afford to offend the wrong guy?

The property value was high, but in front of Mu Mingcheng’s mother’s family he could only obey.

But based on the situation right now, there was still hope.

Mu Mingcheng won a beautiful lady.

Sure enough, Mu Mingcheng smiled gently: “This matter does not concern the restaurant. Those who dare mess with me have been dealt with.”

The man said the words “Dealt with” very casually, but Fang Yuan’s heart chilled. Since ancient times the most successful people were well-mannered and talkative, but if one were to simply regard them as gentlemen one would end up dead.

After exchanging a few words, Fang Yuan excused himself carefully.

Gu Jin was listening in the whole time and got a general idea of the situation.

It appears that her accidental entanglement with Mu Mingcheng had such a reason behind it.

After a while the food was served.

Gu Jin had a bad impression of this restaurant but was quite satisfied with the dishes here.

However, this satisfaction turned into anger once she saw the green cilantro.


“What is the meaning of this, Mr. Mu?” She glared at the table and raised her chin.

“Please eat your food.” Mu Mingcheng used the serving chopsticks to pick up the vegetables topped with the cilantro and put them in front of Gu Jin, staring at her face with a smile.

This was revenge, a pure and simple revenge for her trying to slip away from him after class.

Gu Jin looked at the chopsticks extended in front of her with disgust and wanted to throw them.

She suddenly eyed the carrots and celery, picked both of them up, and said with a smile: “Let me return the favor, Mr. Mu. Don’t be shy.”

Seeing Mu Mingcheng’s face stiffen up, Gu Jin vaguely smiled as if to say Let’s hurt each other!

At least her serious efforts into reading that novel didn’t go to waste; she discovered his dislikes.

The dishes were quickly withdrawn and replaced with new ones. This time Gu Jin ate cheerfully. If it weren’t for her recently ended period, which forbade her to eat spicy food, the meal would have been perfect.

Seeing his girl happily eat her meal, Mu Mingcheng smiled deeply.


Only a few of the people that were closest to him even knew about his pickiness in food.

However, she had become close with him just yesterday, had never even heard of his name before, and yet she was able to discover his preferences.

Gu Jin is smart, he admits. Still, being smart does not mean she should know his weakness.

He didn’t know where she was able to dig up his information.
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