Chapter 5: Her ‘Boyfriend’ 2

Chapter 5: Her ‘Boyfriend’ (2)
… … …

Shao Chong opened the passenger’s door and held it open, just like a gentleman. Gu Jin gracefully accepted his offer and revealed a shy face as she climbed onto her seat.

Both Gu Jin and Cheng Xin studied at the Imperial Normal University, but they each had different departments; Cheng Xin was in the Department of Literature while Gu Jin was in the Department of Fine Arts.

In order to accommodate these students, the affluent Cheng family bought this costly apartment for the two of them to share. Since most of the students lived in the lower neighborhood, there weren’t many people who dwelt here. Yuqing Pavilion wasn’t that far from the District, so the road leading to the restaurant wasn’t congested with traffic.

Along the way, the couple didn’t speak much.

On one hand was Gu Jin who, according to the original host’s restrained nature, would have difficulty opening her heart to Shao Chong even if she liked him; on the other hand, Shao Chong was worried that Gu Jin might blame him, so he kept silent.

This was the first time that Gu Jin met Shao Chong after transmigrating into this world. Her eyes turned towards the man who focused on driving and couldn’t help but think, ‘Just as expected of a second lead man of a romance novel, and one who could sit by the female protagonist’s side–not only does he have a good family, he also has good looks. Simply handsome.’ Shao Chong’s appearance was much more attractive than many of the male actors she had seen in her previous life.

Unfortunately for him, Gu Jin believed that his only redeeming quality was his good looks. She felt that it was such a waste.

When Shao Chong noticed the girl beside him turn away, Shao Chong’s tense body finally relaxed. Gu Jin liked him. He knew all this time, but his heart only had room for Cheng Xin.

However, Cheng Xin chose Jing Hao in the end. Because of Jing Hao’s overbearing character and constant vigilance, Shao Chong didn’t have to stay by Cheng Xin’s side.

In order to get closer to her, Shao Chong acquiesced to her request of pairing up with Gu Jin. After all, not only were Gu Jin and Cheng Xin girlfriends; they were related by blood and considered each other as sisters. With this situation, Jing Hao could no longer prevent them from meeting with each other.

Gu Jin was a kind girl. Shao Chong tried his best to love her, but he couldn’t do it.

He could ensure that his body will never betray Gu Jin, and when she becomes his wife, he will give her the greatest respect. The only thing he can’t offer is his heart. When he remembered those married couples who were at odds with each other in rich households, he comforted himself with the thought that he would be a rare, good husband, as long as he didn’t cheat by having illegitimate children.

Although he made a moral decision like this long ago, he still felt somewhat guilty when faced by Gu Jin’s gaze, so he couldn’t bear to look her in the eye.

It was a good thing that Gu Jin was unaware of what was going through his mind. Otherwise she would have scornfully retorted, “So you only care about your reputation? How much more narcissistic can you be?”


After fifteen minutes, Shao Chong drove his car into the garage to park.

Since it was lunchtime, many people went in and out of Yuqing Pavilion’s doors. Gu Jin stood patiently by the restaurant’s entrance as she waited; her lips seemed to always show a gentle smile. [note] it seems that Shao Chong dropped her off first at the entrance while he went to park [/note]

In a hot summer day like today, a smile like hers was like a gentle breeze that soothed her onlookers’ discomfort under this weather.

But then, Gu Jin’s smile immediately disappeared as her heart was filled with dread. A passerby had bumped into her, catching her unprepared and causing Gu Jin to fall backwards.

She was currently wearing a black, knee-length skirt and high heels–if she falls down, she will surely injure her feet and render her unable to walk.

Gu Jin shut her eyes in fear…

But the pain she expected to feel never came…
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