Chapter 41: Green Roses

… … …

Under a starry night, the night life of the capital city had just started.

“Want to go somewhere to have fun?” Mu Mingcheng asked as he stood in front of car, checking his watch.

After leaving Yuqing Pavilion, he immediately put his glasses back on, giving off an innocent, social elite look.

Mu Mingcheng thought to himself, no matter how mature Gu Jin is, she was still a twenty-year-old girl. Going shopping together would be a good way to grow their relationship.

Seeing Mu Mingcheng’s face up close was certainly pleasing to the eye. Just earlier, Gu Jin couldn’t resist the temptation and ate some spicy-sour food that gave her a slight stomach ache. But now she was feeling much better.

Normally Gu Jin would have refused his invitation.

Still, she had just promised Cheng Xin that she would attend the banquet at the Jing’s household, and she needed a dress for the occasion.

The original host’s wardrobe was outdated in fashion which is why Gu Jin wanted to shop for a gown at the mall. It didn’t have to be the best, but she at least didn’t want to embarrass herself.

Gu Jin had matters to attend to the next two days, and since tonight was free she decided to save a trip and buy a dress.

As a matter of fact, it would give Mu Mingcheng the opportunity to experience the “wonderful” feeling of accompanying a lady’s shopping trip.

So Gu Jin nodded and said: “I want to buy clothes at the mall.”

During dinner assistant Fang had disappeared, but the muscular yet inconspicuous assistant had suddenly reappeared out of nowhere.


Assistant Fang had seen the two come out and stepped forward. He looked at Gu Jin, who wanted to continue the conversation with Mu Mingcheng but stopped.


Gu Jin’s words halted at the edge of her mouth. She looked over her shoulder and pointed to some flower pots near the door and, smiling, said. “That type of flower is very rare. My father likes these things, I’ll go and have a look.”

Mu Mingcheng grabbed her arm, and his eyes shone under the gold wire glasses as he gently said: “If Professor Gu likes flowers then I’ll have assistant Fang send some to him. Consider it as a gift from me as his junior.”

Afterwards, he shot a cold gaze towards assistant Fang: “If you have something to say then don’t hold back!”

“Yes.” As assistant Fang recovered from the shock he said with a serious expression, “Master Xu called, requesting you to go to his estate.”

The gold wire glasses flashed in the dim light. “Did he mention what matter is it regarding?” Mu Mingcheng sneered.

“Master Xu didn’t say, but I asked people from the Xu estate. Grandpa Xu is sick and wants to talk to you.”

Assistant Fang took a quiet look at the green roses in front of the store. Except for the color, there was nothing special about it.
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