Chapter 42: Sugar Baby 1

Chapter 42: Sugar Baby (1)
… … …

Even without mentioning how affluent the Mu family is, the scholarly Gu should be aware of this fact right?

It was no wonder that Mr. Mu would like this girl; she was smart and knew when to act.

Although she appeared gentle on the surface, Gu Jin completely overturned her previous image and elevated herself to a whole new level.

Gu Jin glanced at Mu Mingcheng’s reflection on the car window, his face obviously annoyed. He was usually so calm, the type who would smile as he puts a knife through you.

She was suddenly interested in this Master Xu, who could cause Mu Mingcheng’s expression to turn so cold.

But the Xu estate?

It seems that Mu Mingcheng’s mother is surnamed Xu!

The Xu estate’s young master and eldest son should be his cousin, so why the hostility?

Sure enough, these people from rich families have complicated relationships.

“Where did you say you wanted to go?”

Mu Mingcheng’s voice broke through her deep thoughts.

“I wasn’t thinking of going anywhere. If Mr. Mu has a matter to attend to, please do so.” She smiled and said sensibly, “I’ll walk around a bit myself and be back in a moment.”

Mu Mingcheng stared at her radiant, soft face and felt a quiet sense of stability.

Maybe it was just the atmosphere, and maybe it was because the person was good-looking. Even though he knew she was acting, his chest ached with tenderness. He couldn’t help but lean down for a kiss, then took Gu Jin’s bag and sat in the back seat. “Name the place, I’ll take you there first.”


Gu Jin didn’t expect him to steal a kiss from her in this situation and was stunned.

It was the middle of meal time, with many cars coming and going through the parking lot. A number of beautiful ladies who saw the flirtatious scene all glared enviously at Gu Jin with eyes like knives, piercing over Gu Jin’s body.

Assistant Fang turned his head and looked around to indicate to the crowd that they weren’t to be watched. The burly driver sat stoically on the driver’s seat.

Gu Jin touched the spot where he kissed her and suddenly felt shy.

She felt shy for a moment, but soon recovered her composure in a second. For two people in a relationship, a kiss or two wasn’t a big deal.

But Mu Ming Cheng taking the bag for her, making her felt abit flattered, she went in and sit together, told the driver: “To the shopping centre, thank you. “

Mu Mingcheng even carried her purse for her, which made her feel a bit flattered. She entered the car and sat beside him before telling the driver, “To the mall, thank you.”

The driver started the car and drove smoothly forward.

Inside the car Mu Mingcheng took out a black card and handed it to her. “Just buy whatever you want.”


Gu Jin: …

Was she a sugar baby?
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