Chapter 43 – Sugar Baby 2

Chapter 43 – Sugar Baby (2)
… … …

According to the novel’s plot she should be insulted by this type of action, then slap away the CEO’s black card and righteously say something like “I’m not here for your money” or “Do your business with dignity” to attract his attention.

Gu Jin felt a little excited to try it out.

However, if she really did so, Mu Mingcheng would pitifully check her forehead for a fever, then straightaway send her to a brain specialist at the hospital.

Gu Jin felt guilty she couldn’t act out the plot, but she wouldn’t accept money from others. Especially not from Mu Mingcheng; what if he adds another condition that couldn’t be written off?

She thought of rejecting it, but after touching the credit card, she changed her mind and took it.

Her expression was one of surprise and she flirtingly said, “Thank you, Mr. Mu.”

Mu Mingcheng slightly frowned. The card was supposed to make up for the fact that he couldn’t go shopping with her, but to see her accept it so easily made him feel a little uncomfortable.

It’s only right to spend money for his own woman, isn’t it?

“What do you want to buy?” he asked, suppressing his discomfort.

Gu Jin smiled and innocently said, “There’s a banquet the day after tomorrow, and I need to buy some dresses.”

“Also a few pairs of shoes.”

Upon wearing the word shoes, the first thing that came to Mu Mingcheng’s mind was her pointy high heels. His previously injured foot twitched subconsciously, and he looked at her comfortably placed feet and sighed silently.

He continued on to say, “The banquet the day after tomorrow? Jing estate?”

“Yes.” Gu Jin was not surprised that he knew about it.


Jing House is also a household with a certain reputation, even though they couldn’t compare with THE Mu House, but still the same circle of people, and should know any news.

The Jing family was a household with a certain reputation, and though they couldn’t compare with the Mu house, they were part of the same social circles and shared the same news and gossip.

“Stop the car,” he suddenly said.

The driver obeyed and slowly brought the car to a halt at the side of the road.

“Hm? Why are we stopping?”

Mu Mingcheng loosened his necktie, his eyes as deep as pools. “There’s no need to buy it, I’ll ask someone to send it to you later.”

“I’ll pick you up at your place the day after tomorrow.”

He’s going too?

“Alright, I’ll wait,” Gu Jin replied.


The situation was complicated with the Jing estate, but with Mu Mingcheng the show would be much more exciting.

The one downside however: wouldn’t this mean they were going to make their relationship public?

Assistant Fang, who was in the front seat had witnessed everything from the rear view mirror; based on the couple’s conversation, his opinion of Gu Jin regrettably dropped down several levels .

How could you accept the boss’ card? Don’t you know that female leads in novels often attract the CEOs by adhering to their pride and not bowing down to money?

It’s unfortunate that even when reading CEO romance novels, Assistant Fang would secretly place his own boss in the arrogant male lead’s position.

Even so, he knew that to compare his boss to the CEO male lead was an insult to his boss’ intellect.
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