Chapter 44 – Xu Estate

… … …

In the night, the black sedan drove through the mountainous road towards the Xu family’s secret mansion on the outskirts of the capital city, located in the middle of the mountain and hidden by trees.

From afar, only the wing-shaped rooftop could be seen emerging from the depths of the mansion.

It was an excellent place to recuperate.

Those who are able to live there must be extremely rich.

The car was stopped by the guards at the gate.

Afterwards, the car window slowly rolled down, revealing Mu Mingcheng’s expressionless profile.

The guards immediately gave a salute then pressed the gate button, allowing the car to smoothly drive in.

After a short distance a vintage courtyard emerged into view.

Mu Mingcheng got out of the car, straightened his clothes, then walked straight in, Assistant Fang trailing behind him.

There was a winding path on both sides, and every few meters was lighted by a street lamp. In the early summer the yard was very quiet, with only the occasional croaking of frogs or shrilling of cicadas. However, immediately after their croaks or shrills someone would catch them or chase them away.

The normal amount of noise was usually fine, but tonight the Grandmaster was sick and couldn’t bear the noise.

“Good evening, Master Mu.”

The Xu estate servants hurried back and forth with precise footsteps. When they saw Mu Mingcheng they paused for a moment and greeted him, a sign of their high quality of training.

Quite a few people in the mansion watched Mu Mingcheng grow up, and he would nod to people who he was familiar with.


Main Hall’s door, one with a serious look, wearing a tidy outfit, having a neat hairstyle, an old fashioned guy came out from the main hall.

At the entrance of the main hall was a serious-looking older man with a tidy, traditional outfit and neat hairstyle.

He walked up to Mu Mingcheng with furrowed brows and asked scoldingly, “Why did you get here only now? Grandpa has been waiting for a long time to finally talk to you.”

This person was Xu Chenghui. He was a meter and eighty two in terms of height, with a solid figure and a squarish face with a strong jaw. Among common people, he was considered someone handsome.

Such a face made him appear as a natural candidate for someone who delves into politics.

However, when Mu Mingcheng arrived, Xu Chenghui’s height and appearance fell short in comparison. Xu Chenghui couldn’t help but stand two meters away before looking straight up at the newcomer. He really didn’t like his cousin.

Mu Mingcheng’s gaze swept over the inner room and he said with a laugh, “Why is cousin so anxious? If grandpa knew why I was late, he would surely be happy.”

Xu Chenghui couldn’t guess what his cousin could possibly do to please that old man.

But knowing who was the master between the two of the, Xu Chenghui had no choice but to lead the way saying, “Come in quickly.”


As Mu Mingcheng entered, the corner of his lips were raised to a sarcastic smile.

Naturally, the assistants and drivers weren’t qualified to follow them, but this didn’t prevent them from seeing Mr. Xu’s unhappy expression.

Seeing that no one was around, an assistant nudged the driver beside him and said with a grin, “Old Liu, look at Mr. Xu’s prideful posture.”

Old Liu looked at him dismissively, then walked two steps away and stayed silent. They were all grown-ups, and he could easily see Mr. Xu’s character. He’s not deaf, he heard their conversations clearly.

In the inner room, Old Man Xu lay on the bed with acupuncture needles all over his wrist. From time to time, his muddy gaze would turn towards the door and he said with a weak voice, “Ming Cheng, why hasn’t he arrived yet?”

The old lady with grayed hair sat on a stool next to the bed and was accompanied on the side by a few men and women. The family doctor observed the situation from the other side of the bed.

“I just called and he said he was arriving soon,” Mrs. Xu answered as she covered her husband up with a blanket.
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