Chapter 45 – Great Grandchild 1

Chapter 45 – Great Grandchild (1)
… … …

Sickness can come as quick and violent as a landslide on a mountain, but recovery takes a long time. This idiom was no exaggeration to the Xu family.

To the Xu household, the elder laying on the bed represented the mountain of their family.

Xu Baishan lived during a warring era, and he had made great achievements in the battlefield. Other elders from the same generation were now buried beneath the earth, and their contributions in their lifetime played a pivotal role in establishing Z country.

People throughout Z country would have to show all due respect when meeting face to face with the Xu family.

Until 71 years old, Xu Baishan had enjoyed good health and his family paid close attention to his care.

But after all, the effects of aging could still be seen. The weather in June would go from cold mornings to unquenchable heat throughout the rest of the day. When Master Xu arose early that morning, he caught a cold and then suffered a high fever towards the evening.

When the fever struck, he wouldn’t stop talking about his favored grandchild, Mu Mingcheng.

Xu Chenghui, his grandson, immediately called for Mu Mingcheng to come immediately.

As Mu Mingcheng entered the room, his gaze swept on the crowd gathered around the bed and found that there were around ten people.

The mood was quite heavy and he frowned slightly.

Mrs. Xu quickly stood up and offered her seat. “Mingcheng, your grandfather is waiting for you.”

Xu Baishan opened his eyes and angrily scolded, “You smelly boy, you’re just like your parents. Are you not contacting me anymore just because I’m old?”

Mu Mingcheng helped Mrs. Xu back to her seat as he replied with a laugh, “Grandfather, you said that you’ve yet to embrace a great grandson. How can you be old?”

“That’s because none of you boys have married yet. How could I possibly have great grandchildren?”


Xu Baishan had two sons, and both sons brought forth several grandchildren. However, the eldest of the grandchildren, Xu Chenghui, had yet to be married.

Right now, the Xu family did not have a fourth generation.

However, there was still much competition between the second and third generations, so Master Xu was in no hurry. Most of his children and grandchildren had average qualifications. If the Xu family desired to maintain its glorious status, it must strive to constantly cultivate the new generation.

Xu Baishan new in his heart that his current disease was quite serious, but that didn’t matter. He could live well for at least another twenty years, so there would be no problems in raising a good successor.

The premise is that a grandson in his family needs to get married and have children.

Although Mu Mingcheng wasn’t surnamed Xu, unfortunately his family didn’t have an elder for the Mu family. So Master Xu thought it would be appropriate to take on the responsibility of looking after this grandson of his.

Xu Chenghui solemnly looked at his grandfather and said with resolve, “Grandpa, me and my brothers are planning on starting a business before focusing on raising a family. Mingcheng is already successful in his career but there is no woman beside him. You might as well encourage him.”

“Don’t worry about it Grandpa, I already have a girlfriend,” Mu Mincheng said with a slight smile as he dropped this unexpected bomb on his family.

“Cousin has a girlfriend? Since when?” A few of the Xu family members exclaimed in shock.


In the past, none of them dared to converse with Mu Mingcheng, since he occasionally leaked out a murderous aura that caused them to back off in fright. But these past two years, ever since this man retired from the military and went into business, he seemed a lot more calm and they finally had the courage to approach him.

“Coughs, Just recently.” Mu Mingcheng seemed slightly embarrassed.

Xu Chenghui couldn’t help but shiver as he looked up at his cousin in surprise. ‘Is this tender love-struck man the same Mu Mingcheng that I know?’

Meanwhile, Xu Baishan who was planning to vent his anger regardless of this grandson’s excuses, was completely caught by surprise this time.

“That’s good news! When are you going to bring her here and give me a healthy grandchild for me to play with?”

Mu Mingcheng: ….Am I supposed to have a child just so you can play with one?

However, when he thought of having a chubby, soft child with Gu Jin—

Mu Mingcheng couldn’t help but shiver.


He quickly replied, “We’re in no hurry, it’s just a trial relationship. If we’re not suitable for each other, we’ll just go our separate ways.”
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