Chapter 46 – Great Grandchild 2

Chapter 46 – Great Grandchild (2)
… … …

Xu Baishan was feeling too sick to continue. After saying a few words, he dismissed everyone.

Late that night, Mu Mingcheng was given his own room at the estate, so he decided to rest here instead of heading home.

“I never imagined that cousin would also have a romantic side” said Xu Jiaoyun, the youngest daughter of the Xu family’s second elder sister-in law. The girl’s eyes sparkled as she stared at Mu Mingcheng’s figure, with those wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs. She said with a sigh, “Cousin must have saved a nation in his previous life.”

Xu Chenghui heard this sentence right when he entered. He scolded her with a frown, “You should go to sleep now that it’s late.”

Xu Jiaoyun didn’t care for him. She mumbled a few words then stuck up her tongue at him before retreating back to her room.

This girl has no idea what it entails to save a nation, and now she’s even saying that Mingcheng is a soft romantic?

That’s just ridiculous!

If one was trained to be a killing machine, how would that person have a shred of tenderness?

Xu Xhenghui sneered in malice.

… … …

Outside the window, the rain continued to pour. Gu Jin sat cross-legged on the sofa as she quickly browsed for information on her computer.

After some time, she set aside her laptop and did some stretches, then treated herself to some ginger tea and brown sugar on the table.

After her stomach was filled with warmth, she leisurely laid down on her bed.

Starting a business is difficult!


Ever since Tong Lin invited her to create a magazine together, Gu Jin’s heart had been swayed by his proposal.

Why be a soldier when you can be a general? And which CEO would be willing to work under someone else?

Moreover…Gu Jin touched her face as if she were caresing a delicate flower. She definitely had the looks. With a little more money, there would be no need to look for other small meat in the future ** and there are countless fresh meat flocking to her. [note] I think she means meat = men [/note]

As for Mu Mingcheng?

Surely, neither of them can satisfy the other’s desires, so it’s best to break up within three months.

Gu Jin spent an entire day in her apartment reading information about this world.

In general, the development of literature here is quite similar to that of her previous life. However, romanticlovebookss were still in its infancy, and all of the romance stories online were filled with overbearing masochistic CEO’s.

Gu Jin shuddered whenever she read those overdramatic plotlines. No wonder she couldn’t find any interesting novel to read these days.

Fortunately, persistence pays off. With her hard work, she was finally able to find a small website with decent works.


Among the novels, there were several high quality works that were similar to the romanticlovebookss she used to read in her previous life.

Gu Jin touched her chin thoughtfully. Since she was helping a friend open a magazine, will it be possible to publish her novel as well?

After this thought, she opened her WeChat and sent a message to Tong Lin.

After all, starting a magazine as a business was Tong Lin’s idea, so it’s only polite to ask his opinion. If she published her novel under the magazine without his knowledge, he may be unhappy.

Anyways, if he doesn’t agree with her idea, Gu Jin can only negotiate with another publisher by herself.

Soon enough, he replied.

【Good idea. I’ll talk to Yang Zhe in a few days about it.】

A webpage link was also sent.

When Gu Jin opened it, she found that it linked to a novel targeted towards boys with about a million words. The story was quite popular, but there was no official contract or book signings.

How did Gu Jin not realize that a noble and benevolent young man like Tong Ling would actually read books like these on his past time!

She tried to tell him as delicately as possible, 【President…I don’t read…that kind of genre】

【It’s not like that…】

【I promise, there’s no overdramatic romance to it. You can check it out and see】

Obviously, Tong Lin recognized her hesitation and had quickly explained to her.

Tong Lin was certainly a trustworthy character, which was why Gu Jin felt a little guilty. For some reason, she couldn’t refuse Tong Lin.

【Alright, let me finish reading this first.】

【Yes, go ahead.】
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