Chapter 47 – Loyal to One

… … …

Gu Jin checked the title of the book that Tong Lin recommended –《Ming Dynasty’s First Auxiliary》the name was quite eye-catching. [note] This is an actual Web Novel that she’s referring to. If you want to read the raws, here’s a link– [/note]

She also read the author’s name, “Old Man of the Mountain River” which was quite bold and unrestrained.

Gu Jin searched up the novel online and began to read its contents.

By 9 o’clock in the evening, Gu Jin had already read up to half a million words and her stomach began to grumble.

Her neck felt rather stiff from sitting still.

The story she read was about a modern man crossing over to the end of the Ming Dynasty. He passed the imperial examination having won the first prize, and then climbed his way to officialdom while experiencing being framed and wronged. He placed the country and his people’s worth dear to his heart and step by step, he was able to climb to the position of the first auxiliary. With his strength, he was able to save the Ming Dynasty from a disaster.

The description of officialdom and social life during the final years of the Ming Dynasty was quite realistic.

The characters were also written with much depth and without bias. It can be seen that the author had a deep understanding of the Ming Dynasty’s history, and his writing was better than those so called ‘gods’ of writing.

What is even more rare is that among hundreds of thousands of the words she has read so far, the protagonist himself had always favored and pampered his only wife, whether he was in a high or lowly official position.

Gu Jin had read several other male genre romanticlovebookss. No matter how touched she felt when reading about a male protagonist’s love and support for his wife, Gu Jin would never be forgiving once she reads about him accepting another woman.

Gu Jin felt sorrowful whenever she read these kinds of romances that expressed those feudal, patriarchal views. Many times, she felt bitter and tearful when reading about those women.

But if this novel that Tong Lin suggested continues to maintain its style and plot of being loyal to a single woman, it will surely become a godly piece of work. It won’t be impossible to adapt it to a film or TV series in the future!

It was rare to to be able to feel the heart and soul of a protagonist in a story. And Gu Jin was very satisfied with this work.

Several hours later, her cellphone still hadn’t rung. Gu Jin rubbed her stomach, picked up her phone, and decided to order a takeout.


When she pressed the screen, she realized that she had left her phone in silent mode.

She opened her mail and found several messages along with unanswered phone calls.

One of the text messages was from Tong Lin asking how she felt about the novel.

The missed phone calls was from her brother Gu Teng, an unknown caller, and another from Mu Mingcheng.

The first two numbers had called more than once. Only Mu Mingcheng’s mobile number called once before hanging up.

Gu Jin blacklisted the unknown number then browsed for a takeout order. After staring at the list full of meat dishes, Gu jin looked down pinched her newly grown fat on her waist. In the end, she decided to place an order of pumpkin millet porridge and fried vegetables.

After some hesitation, she finally couldn’t resist and ordered a small serving of fried meat.

After ordering her takeout, she replied to Tong Lin:

【The novel has great quality and the characters along with the plot are written quite well】


However, the romantic plot in the novel is weakly written. When reading the scenes between the male protagonist and his wife, it was evident that the author was a bit negligent in writing about their romance.

After some thought, she added to her reply,【Unfortunately, the author hasn’t signed up to a publisher, so there is no way we can send them a reward.】

Indeed, without signing up, the author won’t be able to receive their award money.

At the other end of the line, Tong Lin had been waiting for several hours for Gu Jin’s response.

“Boss what are you looking at?”

Wang Tuo, a key member of the Literary Society, had worked overtime to complete his project. When he looked up, he spotted the President’s gentle smile.

He couldn’t help but feel amazed.

Wang Tuo and Tong Lin were both professional in their work ethics and knew plenty about each other’s character. Today, it was strange that this elder brother, who usually concentrated on his work and studies, was now immersed in his cellphone during the entire afternoon shift.
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