Chapter 48 – Like A Nagging Mother

… … …

The president looked silly as he laughed to himself. ‘Could he have fallen in love?’ Wang Tuo wondered.

Tong Lin stood up and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “You’ve worked hard today. You can head back to your dormitory. I’ll invite you to dinner tomorrow.”

Before leaving, Wang Tuo glanced back and saw the club President looking down while fiddling with his cellphone.

【There’s no need for me to reward the author for the web novel. I can just invite him to dinner】

【You two know each other?】

Gu Jin was a bit surprised.

She sighed as she thought of how blessed Tong Lin was. Not only was he the club president of the literary society, he also had many talents and all the people he was acquainted with were extraordinary.

【Well, do you want to join us for dinner?】He asked.

【Sure, but I don’t know when I’ll have the time】Gu Jin quickly responded.

Although he invited her to dine with the author, she couldn’t help but hold a few doubts. Gu Jin sighed once again. Why did the topic shift to having dinner?

However, ‘Old Man of the Mountain River’ was someone with talent in writing so it wasn’t a bad idea to get to know him better. Besides, after establishing their magazine, she’ll need someone’s help in looking over her drafts. Then wouldn’t it be a good idea to latch on to his thigh in advance?

【Anytime is fine】


It seems that Tong Lin and the ‘Old Man of the Mountain River’ are well acquainted with each other, seeing that they can schedule a meal at any time.


Gu Jin made a few calculations before asking,

【I’ve been quite busy lately. How about we get together in five days?】

The other side paused for a bit before replying:

【No problem, I already informed him.】

… … …

The takeout order was taking a while to arrive and Gu Jin’s stomach was growling from hunger. To pass the time, she decided to call her brother back.

In the past, Gu Teng never took the initiative to call the original Gu Jin. However, ever since the current Gu Jin visited home, her brother seemed to have flipped a switch; since that time, Gu Teng has been sending her frequent messages on WeChat and occasionally did video calls.

Seeing that the siblings were getting along well these days, Gu Jin’s mother felt bitter sweet.

Meanwhile, Gu Changsheng had been eating his son’s vinegar**. As a scholarly man who maintained a forthright bearing, he was embarrassed to show that he wanted to dote and spoil his own daughter. [note] Eating vinegar means being sour from jealousy. [/note]


A father’s love is like a mountain, even if he wasn’t always good at expressing himself.

“Well, just remember to call me back,” Gu Teng said in annoyance. Gu Jin could imagine the boy’s knitted forehead as he frowned.

After completing his college entrance examination, Gu Teng was like a bird out of its cage; he was ready to break free and do whatever he wanted. These days, he never slept earlier than twelve o’clock at night.

It was past 9 pm when he had the most energy.

Gu Jin smiled in amusement. She didn’t seem to care for his annoyed tone of voice. “I forgot to take my phone out of silent mode so I wasn’t able to see your miscall until I decided to order a takeout.”

“Takeout? Why haven’t you eaten yet?” Gu Teng scolded her with a frown, “You’re still young and you’re not eating enough. Why is that? Are you trying to lose weight?”

Without waiting for Gu Jin’s reply, he continued, “With your thin appearance, you can’t get married if you lose more weight. You should eat more to stay healthy. I’ll make sure to take care of you in the future!”

Gu Jin pulled her cell phone away and rubbed her ears. She never imagined that her brother could be like a nagging mother.


However, she looks five points similar to their handsome father and gorgeous mother. Which part of Gu Jin could be lacking?

And besides, which person would try to lose weight when he or she is eating late at night?
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