Chapter 49 – Shao Chong’s Awakening

… … …

Hearing no response on the other side of the line, Gu Teng asked, “Is there someone else there? Did you hear that?”

“That was me you just heard. If you keep talking nonsense, my takeout is going to get cold soon.” Gu Jin carried her takeout box while holding her phone with her other hand. “Little brother, don’t accuse me for starving at night when you’re the one interrupting my meal by calling so late.”

“…you’re joking.” Gu Teng was left speechless for a moment. Afterwards, he told her in a serious tone, “Don’t come home for the next few days. Dad says you shouldn’t visit.”

Hearing his solemn voice, Gu Jin asked, “What happened back home?”

“That greedy demoness is coming.”

When Gu Teng mentioned the ‘greedy demoness,’ Gu Jin understood him immediately.

Since the siblings had finished their college entrance examinations within the same year, Grandma Gu said she would come and visit. Naturally, she will be taking Gu Ling with her.

“Ah, I see.”

She massaged her brows in annoyance. Living under the same roof with someone who imitates you and tries to compete with you was tiring.

After dinner, Gu Jin tidied up the dinner table and went to the bathroom to wash. While she lay in bed, she felt as if she was forgetting something.

She turned off her phone and placed it on her bedside.

Gu Jin thought to herself: When us women stay up late, our skin will age faster and our memory will worsen. It becomes a common problem to forget things.

And she was also planning to attend the party later.

To maintain one’s beauty, going early to bed and waking up early was a lot more useful than a skin care regimen.


Meanwhile, at the VIP ward in the hospital, Shao Chong’s expectant eyes soon dimmed as he listened to the phone’s continuous vibrations.

“Has anyone answered yet?”

The assistant pressed a button on the phone and replied, “Miss Gu may have fallen asleep…”

He found it difficult to relay the news to his boss. From 5pm to 10pm, he had made more than twenty calls within those house, and yet the other side still never answered.

Either the phone was out of order, or…she had blacklisted this number.

The assistant couldn’t figure out what his boss was thinking, or just the wealthy people in general.

When Gu Jin liked him in the past, Shao Chong didn’t care for her. Instead, he directed all his attention towards her cousin, Cheng Xin. Now that Miss Gu ignored him, he began to pursue after her.”

Wasn’t this being fickle?

Shao Chong simply smiled. Whenever he called Gu Jin in the past, she never failed to answer him. She must be busy this days.


She was so clever, gentle and considerate; as a woman who did everything conscientiously, she was truly the best.

However, although there was a new heavy issue weighing in his heart, he couldn’t bear to confide his feelings to anyone.

If he remembered it correctly, this was the timeline when he and Gu Jin were currently dating. He couldn’t remember everything about his interactions with Gu Jin in his previous life, but they certainly didn’t share many good memories.

In his previous life, he couldn’t figure out his feelings and ended up neglecting her. Now that he has this new life, he will seize this opportunity and make up for his past mistakes. This time, he will only have Gu Jin in his heart.

And also, to once again have the child that he never got the chance to meet.

He wanted to see her desperately, but his parents were worried that his sudden loss of consciousness was due to a serious illness. As a result, they urged him to rest in the hospital for these past two days.

In a couple of days, the Jing family will have their party. Since Gu Jin was a good friend of Cheng Xin, she will definitely be participating.

‘Just endure, I’ll be able to see her soon.’ Shao Chong took a deep breath and comforted himself.
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