Chapter 50 – Preparing for the Banque

… … …

As the only girl in the younger generation of the Jing family, Jing Ruo was treated as a precious pearl even if she wasn’t blood related.

Since she had returned from abroad, the Jing family held a welcome banquet for her alone. The venue for the gathering was at the most luxurious Jinnian Hotel in the Imperial City.

Based on the Jing family’s current prestige, various male gods and emperors will be in attendance.

Gu Jin had to eat in advance. If she ate a lot at the banquet, not only will she make a laughing stock of herself, but she would also end up ruining her formal wear.

After spending over an hour getting dressed and meticulously making herself beautiful, Gu Jin pondered to her plans.

Her idea was to not show all of her true colors today. She didn’t need to dress too extravagantly, as long as she doesn’t make a fool of herself. Otherwise, she might bring a disaster by stealing the party host’s limelight.

Gu Jin smoothed out her dress and sighed.

Mu Mingcheng’s assistant had sent over a gown, along with a matching purse, shoes, and jewelry. Surely, these were worth millions of dollars.

Obviously the style he chose kept her in a low profile.

Nevertheless, she had to admit that the gown’s style suited her aesthetics very well. After putting on the dress, she twirled around in front of the mirror and sighed. It was very sweet of him, but it was also a bit overbearing.

At 6 pm the sky had darkened and Gu Jin walked out of the apartment building.

Her high heel shoes clattered on the stairs as she descended. She held her white clutch while wondering what kind of mood Mu Mingcheng was in to actually send her a pair of 10 cm high heels.

Once she reached the foot of the stairs she saw a black car parked in front of her. Despite looking low key, the inside contained the ultimate luxury features.

Gu Jin paused and adjusted her facial expression.


As the gorgeous woman came near, driver Liu who, who was familiar with Gu Jin, stepped out of the car and held open the passenger’s seat for the lady.

“Miss Gu, Mr. Mu is in a hurry. Let me see you over first, he’ll be joining you later.” Driver Liu spoke in a straightforward manner, as if he didn’t care how beautiful his passenger was.

“It doesn’t matter,” Gu Jin replied as she sat on the backseat. She looked up with a smile and said, “Pardon me Brother Liu..”

“How long have you been working for Mr. Mu?” she suddenly asked.

Driver Liu concentrated his sights on the road and replied, “It’s been almost five years.”

Five years!

Gu Jin thought that Mu Mingcheng had only inherited the Mu family’s business three years ago.

The car traveled smoothly. Since it was rush hour, the imperial capital highway was overcome with heavy traffic. Even this luxurious car, which usually gets its way around the road, can only endure the traffic at this time and go forward in a snail like pace.

Cheng Xin soon called and said impatiently, “Little Jin, the banquet is about to start. Why haven’t you arrived yet?”


“We ran into heavy traffic along the way. I’ll be there in about ten minutes,” Gu Jin replied after speaking with the driver.
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